I hope the state will seriously take up the region: a review about the rest in Dagestan

I hope the state will seriously take up the region: a review about the rest in Dagestan

“Hi all! My name is Nastya, and my husband and I decided to spend our holidays in Dagestan this year. And in order to see all the sights in a mode that is comfortable for us, we decided to go by car. Is it worth undertaking such a long-distance rally (2,500 km one way!) or is it better to fly by plane? You decide! But I will no longer decide on such a long journey, the conditions on the road are not very comfortable, ”says a reader of the Subtleties of Tourism. 1/1

We had a route with one rest day

We stayed in Volgograd. The road is not easy, not equipped, it is not the ideal M4 in Sochi, where there are recreation areas, cafes and gas stations at every step. Be sure to have a canister (iron) with gasoline and a couple of thermoses with drinking water (hot and cold) in the car. It is better not to take it in plastic, the heat is terrible on the way.

Also keep in mind that there are traffic police posts at the entrance to Dagestan, and the inspection there is more serious than I have seen anywhere before. I mean, traveling within the country.

They inspect the trunk, the bottom of the car, they even looked into suitcases and packages. Almost border control!

It is better to book accommodation in advance

It is not customary to put up signs and advertisements for renting rooms here. We searched through booking sites and travel chats, there are contacts of trusted locals. I will not advertise housing, choose for your wallet.

It's more comfortable with a car in Dagestan

Taxis are expensive, there is no fixed fare, everything is at the discretion of the driver. Vacationers who are without a car often complained that taxi drivers simply do not deliver to some hotels and places. For example, they refer to a broken road, and part of the way people are simply forced to walk. DPS do not slow down at every step, there is no extortion in free parking lots.

In Abkhazia, for example, Moscow license plates are a red flag for police officers and petty scammers. Not so here.


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