I moved to a Siberian village and it was the best decision: 6 reasons to move to the wilderness for permanent residence

I moved to a Siberian village and it was the best decision: 6 reasons to move to the wilderness for permanent residence

Thoughts about moving to the countryside from the rather boring Krasnoyarsk were swarming in my head with my husband long before 2020, when it suddenly became a trend. In our country, as in other large cities, the people were drawn first to pass the quarantine in dachas and village houses, and then many began to think about a permanent place of residence closer to the taiga and picturesque hills. At that moment, we didn’t manage to find anything suitable – somehow the prices were raised a lot against the background of increased interest, but a year later, in 2021, the plan came true. After a long search, we became the owners of a small nice house in the village of Dzerzhinsky.

Best Choice

It’s far from Krasnoyarsk, more than 300 km, but we were attracted by several points: a house built in 2015 with a fresh renovation, a bathroom, all communications are in place. The land is owned, on the site there is a bathhouse and a garage. It was important for us to be able to immediately call in and live. And the priority is normal transport accessibility and good internet. We got all this. From Kansk to the place, drive a little more than 80 km along an asphalt road. For the uninterrupted operation of the power grid, we had to spend money on additional equipment, but this was important for us for remote work. Dzerzhinskoye is not a remote village. There are shops, administrative offices, transport to other settlements. We do not feel cut off from civilization, but we live a leisurely, measured life.

We enjoy nature, go to the river, pick mushrooms, enjoy all this. We have been living here for more than a year, and I like it here much more than in Krasnoyarsk.

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My motives are from the heart

I thought, why was I so drawn to the village, because of what I was ready to overcome all difficulties and move? After all, life away from civilization imposes certain restrictions. Plus, the house requires constant attention and care. You have to overpay for a lot (for example, for the delivery of the same building materials and equipment), repair something, most of the usual goods are not within walking distance. And yet there are many more advantages. My husband and I both work remotely. Someone in this situation prefers to travel, but I do not like to constantly sit on suitcases. The flow of informational garbage after the move has decreased significantly – now I am not surrounded by endless promotions in supermarkets, billboards and screens. It really strained the city. And here all around are birches, pines and clean air. Even my head cleared up.

There are fewer temptations in the village. There is no desire to go to the next shopping center and buy a bunch of unnecessary junk simply because this is such an option for leisure in an urban environment. We have no problems with finances, but spending on all kinds of nonsense has really gone off scale in recent years.

The reasons are closer to the body

But still, the determining factors are taking care of physical health. This is very important for us.

  1. There is no need to leave the village for nature, turning it into a whole event. At any moment, I can go out into the yard to fry meat on the grill, swing in a hammock in the summer, or just sit on the porch with a book. There is space around, and “everything is mine” – this feeling is worth a lot. And if you move literally 50 meters from our house, you can pick up mushrooms and berries.
  2. Opportunity to eat fresh and tasty products. In local stores, of course, there are plenty of delays, and the assortment is so-so, and prices are higher than in Krasnoyarsk. But we found people from whom we buy meat, eggs, milk, vegetables in season. People in the villages do not run farms and do not engage in vegetable gardens en masse, but you can always find suppliers of organic food. We got confused and found – at affordable prices, everything is nearby.
  3. Dosed physical activity that benefits the body. We do not sit at the computer for days and do not lie with smartphones in our hands in the evenings, as it was in the “past life”. Walks, trips around the neighborhood, housework for pleasure, maintenance of the site, minor repairs – there is no time left for aimless Internet surfing and so on. And that's great.

Here is my personal opinion about life in the countryside. If all of these points resonate with you, perhaps this option is also suitable for you. But I want to emphasize that I did not have and do not have plans to start a farm and earn money by farming or build a dream hacienda from scratch on my own. In these cases, it is probably necessary to rely on other criteria. And if the goal is to change the rhythm of life to a calmer one and take care of your mental and physical condition, then my reasons are already becoming very weighty.

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