I thought it would be very expensive, but the price turned out to be several times lower than a vacation in Russia: tourist review

I thought it would be very expensive, but the price turned out to be several times lower than a vacation in Russia: tourist review

“I didn’t have the opportunity to take a vacation, I had to spin. I took off from work for 3 days, plus two days off – that's a little vacation turned out. I thought with my wife to go to Kaliningrad or Sochi, but this needs to be planned in advance: it is expensive to rent for the next dates, and there are no places in good hotels. How successfully Turkish Alanya replaced our Kaliningrad – find out from the review of the reader of “Subtleties” under the nickname Sheeen13.

Price, flight, hotel

We had international passports, my wife offered to see Turkey. I thought it would be very expensive, but the price turned out to be several times lower than for holidays in our country – 46 thousand, Armas Green Fugla Beach 5 * hotel in Alanya, 5 nights. We are in Turkey for the first time, before that we were in Egypt, Tunisia and Cuba. The flight is only 4.5 hours. We flew out without delay, we were at the hotel early in the morning, we were immediately sent for breakfast. The room was given for dinner, but we were in no hurry: we left our things and went to the beach. The beach towels were given out, and so far we didn’t need anything else.1/1

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We were very lucky with the weather, there is not even a hint of autumn here. Warm sea, the sun shines almost like summer. A little chilly in the evening, but a regular sweatshirt is enough. The hotel is working at full capacity, there is no feeling of the end of the season. Animation is in full swing, everything in the restaurant is varied and tasty. The only thing is the concept of “ultra all inclusive”, but only local alcohol is free, imported – for money. I had enough beer and Turkish raki: the aftertaste seems specific at first, and then you don’t notice it anymore. Good sandy beach, almost windless lagoon, sunbeds are always free. Many pools, there are water slides, the water in the pool is warm. 1/1

The rooms are a little dated, but everything is clean and working. We had a two-room suite. They cleaned well, the mini-bar is replenished once, then they bring only water with and without gas.

The hotel is very quiet, there are no parties in the evening. For nightlife you can drive to Alanya: 10 USD for a taxi one way. They went to Alanya for shopping: Zara, Massimo Duty, Nike, Puma, Adidas. We went to McDonald's, it will not be replaced by Tasty – and that's it, what is fast food without McFlurry? Mir cards were no longer accepted (October 2022), but we opened a UnionPay credit card before the trip. It was not possible to test: they met the amount that they took with them in cash.

The wife was eager to go to Ikea, but she was not in Alanya, she had to go to Antalya. We never got around to it: we didn’t want to drive for 3 hours for hinges and towels.1/1

< h2>Attitude towards Russians

There are a lot of Russians in Alanya – vacationers and permanent residents. We also saw a lot of Ukrainians – refugees or those who moved a long time ago. No one enters into conflicts, everyone lives peacefully and rests. Turkish sellers also try not to advertise their position, a couple of times I heard how locals rather delicately discuss what is happening in the world. Very neutral, something like: “everything will be fine, everything will pass, very sorry.”

Where to go

There are many attractions in Alanya. I strongly advise you to go to the Archaeological Museum, I didn’t think that such an interesting exposition would be in the resort town: I’m not a fan, but even I was very interested. Another cool place is Damlatas Cave.

We will definitely return to Turkey, indeed, this is one of the best countries for a vacation. It is inexpensive, beautiful, tasty and interesting. Even five days of vacation was enough to understand this.

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