In a black-black city: top 5 horror stories from pioneer camps

In a black-black city: top 5 horror stories from pioneer camps

In one black and black city there was a black and black house… Scary stories are a part of urban folklore, especially popular in children's camps. They were told to each other in the dark in a sepulchral voice, and then they hid under the covers, afraid to move. We invite you to get nostalgic, remembering the five most important horror stories of our childhood.

1. The Queen of Spades

Who hasn't heard of the formidable Queen of Spades coming from the mirror? Who has not called her to tickle their nerves and test their courage? The ritual is quite simple: you need to draw a house and a staircase on the mirror with lipstick or soap, and then say three times: “Queen of Spades, come!”. It is believed that the guest will not be slow to appear. Seeing her, the caller must immediately erase the house from the mirror, otherwise the Queen of Spades will strangle him.

The legend supposedly arose from the fact that the Queen of Spades in a deck of cards was always depicted too ominously. Someone gave free rein to their imagination, and the woman from the picture began to be endowed with demonic power. Be that as it may, this is one of the most popular heroines of pioneer folklore. /sized/f550x700/9u/b8/9ub8p2oq6dwcwcs4gocg8w08w.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

V black-black city: top 5 horror stories from pioneer camps

2. Red Gloves

Anyone who has ever rested in a camp knows this heartbreaking story. There was a girl, once her mother sent her to the store, ordering her to buy any gloves, but not red ones. Seeing the red ones in the store, the girl could not resist and bought them, because they were so beautiful.

When she returned home, she found her house on fire. Firefighters unsuccessfully fought the flames, and then a woman with a scary red face appeared out of nowhere. She offered the girl to extinguish the flame if she fulfilled a small request. She had to agree. The woman told her to come to the cemetery at night and put those same gloves on the grave in its very center. The girl was very scared, but she did as she was told. And then a red-faced woman crawled out of the grave, predicting that the girl's grandmother would die. /sized/f550x700/e6/75/e675s56aercw8kwwcook8gk4k.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

V black-black city: top 5 horror stories from pioneer camps

Very soon, the grandmother really died, and at her funeral the girl again saw that same woman. She told her, “You too will soon die.” And so it happened. The girl was buried, she lies in a coffin and sees her grandmother, and she has a terrible red face. And the girl herself has a red face. Since then, they come to everyone who buys red gloves. There is another kind of horror story in which not gloves appear, but a hand. To call it, it is enough to draw a red spot on the wall. The main thing after this is not to fall asleep, because then the Red Hand will appear and strangle the curious.

3. Blue curtains

In children's fantasy, curtains are always endowed with terrible properties, because they sway so frighteningly in the wind, and it is not known who is hiding behind them. Actually, they could be black, yellow, whatever, but more often they turned out to be blue. Initially, the scenario developed in the same way as in the story with gloves: the girl was ordered not to buy blue curtains, but she violated the ban, after which her relatives began to die one by one from suffocation. When she was left alone, the police ambushed her apartment to find the mysterious killer. A black spot suddenly appeared on the curtains, from which a hand grew, strangling the girl and the policemen. ru/sized/f550x700/cv/sr/cvsropcg6r4sgc4kg0wo4044c.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

V black city: top 5 horror stories from pioneer camps

Tourism Ireland, Brian Morrison 2006

4. Foul hedgehog

This semi-comic character is considered harmless, so he is called upon by those for whom the Queen of Spades and the Red Hand are too intimidating. There are many variants of the ritual, but the essence usually boils down to the following: a candy or other sweet is wrapped with thread, put under someone's bed and called the foul-mouthed to feast on. Then the light is turned off, and after a while the hedgehog comes for the bait. He is not capable of causing harm, but he has the property of desperately swearing, which has always frightened impressionable pioneers. .ru/sized/f550x700/4c/t5/4ct5w77xl6m84gc8w4wcsg8gc.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

In the black-black city: top 5 horror stories from pioneer camps

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5. Coffin on wheels

If you can still escape from the Queen of Spades and the Red Hand, then the appearance of a Coffin on wheels on your way means a quick painful end. There lived a girl. Once, leaving for work, her mother forbade her to turn on the radio strictly. But she didn’t listen, turned it on, and a voice on the radio warned her: “Girl-girl, a coffin on wheels is looking for you, it is already in your city.” Deciding that this was some kind of joke, she did not pay attention, and the voice continued: “Girl-girl, a coffin on wheels is looking for you, it is already on your street.” Again she did not believe, and then the voice said: “Girl-girl, a coffin on wheels found you, it is at the door of your apartment …”

Returning from work, the mother found the lifeless body of her daughter, and lay next to SMALL WHEEL.

What horror stories scared you as a child?

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