In Russia, we are used to being closed, this is not so: a review of Phuket through the eyes of a “local”

Michelle Maria reader Sergey Budaev has been living in Thailand for 3 years and is ready to share useful tips with tourists. “I’m not a blogger at all and I don’t know how to talk beautifully. Very often, friends and acquaintances began to contact me on various issues: where to eat in Phuket, how to rent an apartment, which hotel to choose … I will try to answer the most popular questions, but do not judge strictly, I write as best I can & # 160;:) ”, — shares Sergey.

The most popular question

How to extend my stay in Thailand – a tourist visa or a stamp? I am writing about my experience, just recently I applied to the Phuket Immigration Office to extend my visa, which allows you to stay here up to 60 days, for an additional 30 days. By the way, if you have a visa-free stamp (which is valid for 35 days), then it can also be extended, but for citizens of the Russian Federation only for another 7 days, no more. 1/1

So, what documents are needed for this? You need to fill out a form (a sample and the form itself will be given to you, filling it out is easy). You also need copies of your passport (main page and visa page), you put your signature on the copies. Don't forget about a photo (4×6 cm, not older than 6 months) and money to pay the fee – 1900 THB. Prepare the money without change, otherwise the change will be returned to you only when you pick up the documents, and the bill will be attached to the passport with a stapler & # 160; 🙂

In 90% of cases, the renewal procedure can be done with one afternoon. If there are many people, the deadline is the morning of the next day, and the passport is already in your hands.

Submit all documents yourself. If you do not know the language, take Google translator. Don't be fooled by any helpers or agents, the procedure is insanely simple.1/1

Where to eat tasty and on a budget

Yes, everywhere! You just need to know the places – or try, not sparing your stomach, to find the best, and then advise your friends yourself. Here, however, it is difficult to answer unambiguously, it all depends on your preferences. I personally do not like trendy restaurants and cafes, but I prefer to eat in small cafes or markets.

The most important and simplest advice: if there is a queue of locals in a cafe, this is a sign of quality.

But separately I want to tell you about one place in Pattaya, where you should definitely go. In a small market there is a street cafe “Tony Seafood” (Tony Seafood). They serve the best seafood I've ever eaten and it's got a Michelin star! Seriously! Such a seemingly unremarkable place, old wooden tables, a small counter, at first glance – well, it’s not comfortable at all. But taste! It's like that everywhere in Thailand: don't judge by appearance, you have to try! If you are on a tight budget, buffets are the best solution. There are a lot of them, at lunchtime they serve a large line with different dishes, and you can put whatever you want on your plate for a small fixed fee. 1/1

Another very important issue is housing

Now prices have increased 3-4 times, I still can’t there’s no way to get used to them, because during the pandemic it was possible to rent an amazing villa for a penny here! Now the best option for a short stay is only a hotel booked in advance (at least six months in advance). If you decide to live for several months, then the best offers are in Telegram chats.

All the rental offers that you see on the websites are all rented and reissued 10 times. Prices are 2-3 times higher. It is almost impossible to find offers from a direct owner.

Spring-summer is the best time to look for housing, as many winterers return to their country and rent out their rented apartments for 2-3 months at a fairly low price, just so that there is no downtime of real estate . Booking apartments and hotels online from Russia is always more expensive (if it is a booking site).

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Another piece of advice: don't be afraid to talk and ask questions

Phuket is like a living organism, here everyone communicates, discusses, shares ideas. In Russia, we are all used to being closed, not talking about our plans, not sharing ideas. It's not like that at all!

Often, just discussing some idea with a stranger on the street, people opened a joint business, rented an apartment together, found common interests – and this is very cool!1/1

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