In Vladivostok, I started life anew: 7 reasons why Vladik is now the best city in Russia

In Vladivostok, I started life anew: 7 reasons why Vladik is now the best city in Russia

“Vladivostok is a city for those who choose romance and nature,” Anna, a reader of Subtleties, confesses her love to the capital of the Far East. “What fogs are here, secluded bays, what a sea, views from the tops of the hills, what lovely old courtyards!” However, even those who are completely far from romance will find many advantages in Vladik, she is sure. Here are the main ones.

1. Close to the border

“This is a plus of all the pluses,” says Anna. Some are satisfied that in Vladivostok you can order a high-quality Japanese car for reasonable money – from those that the Japanese “collected for themselves.” For others, the most important thing is that you can fly inexpensively to South Korea, Japan, and besides, such flights take only 2-3 hours. Still others appreciate the opportunity to go to the same China and Korea for treatment (dental treatment is especially popular): again, it turns out to be better and more profitable than in Russia. “>

In Vladivostok, I started my life anew: 7 reasons why Vladik is now the best city in Russia

Artem Dulub

2. Allowances

Not everyone knows about this, but Vladivostok is a region equated with the regions of the Far North. Accordingly, there are salary bonuses (coefficient 1.2). After the first year of work for continuous experience, 10 % is added to the salary, every next 2 years of work another +10 % is supposed (in total, more than + 30 % to the salary should not come out). True, not all Vladivostok residents believe that employers honestly charge these allowances. But for a longer vacation – 36 days instead of 28 standard – everyone is happy.

3. A sense of movement

The capital of the Far East seems to be a young and lively city. There are many students here, including foreigners, young couples who come to work under a contract. Young people arrange impromptu concerts on the embankments, walk and talk, they arrange a cool Youth Day with performances by artists and other events. Universities are interested in attracting talent: FEFU, for example, has grants for young scientists. In general, movement is felt. The city is promoted on all platforms as the eastern capital of Russia, an important industrial, scientific and cultural center. This also adds dynamics, and young people are also coming to this development.

4. Lots of cool places

Vladivostok has a cool oceanarium, which has no analogues in Russia, galleries and centers of contemporary art, several theaters, the one of a kind Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theater, interesting buildings in neo-Gothic, classicism, oriental, Russian styles, modern style. The city hosts the International Jazz Festival, the competition of young designers “Pygmalion” and the Pacific style week, the Eastern Economic Forum, television, gastronomic and film festivals; On the Navy Day they arrange a parade of ships. In Vladivostok, even the streets are called cool! Tiger, Sea, Agate, Spring, Pear, Quiet, Taiga, Honey, Sugar Key, Apricot Lane, Ocean Avenue. Eyes and ears rejoice at such names.

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5. Nature

Many Vladivostok residents admit that it was the local nature that became the reason why they did not want to leave. The sea, lighthouses and seagulls, sandy beaches, where there are many times fewer people than in the Russian south, the unusual Glass Beach and Russky Island, where funny motley seals seed seals live, the Golden Horn Bay, the Far Eastern Marine Reserve. And also fogs, a dense veil lying right on the roofs of houses and spans of bridges. Beauty is literally everywhere!

6. Fish Paradise

“Let the seafood in Vladivostok not be as cheap as we would like, but incredibly fresh,” notes Anna. Selected caviar, large crabs, scallops, mussels, all kinds of fish can be bought from hand, in supermarkets, tasted at gastrofestivals, or even caught by yourself.

7. Far from all the excitement

The capital of the Far East is the real end of the world, and it seems that it is completely far from all the unrest of the central regions of Russia. “Of course, there is a sense of detachment, but along with it there is a sense of isolation, security,” explains Anna. – That is why in Vladivostok I seemed to start life anew. And I really like this life!” /aetz193mbk84c8gg80gcs4ow0.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

I started life anew in Vladivostok: 7 reasons why Vladik is now the best city in Russia

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