Indian civil aviation lacks new passenger aircraft

India's civil aviation lacks new passenger aircraft

Indian Minister of Transport Jyotiradithya Shinde said at an aviation conference CAPA India in New Delhi earlier in the week that the country must have its aviation infrastructure in place by 2047 to “support a $20 trillion economy.”

The minister promised to allow airlines to lease more planes to deal with rising commercial demand. “Surprisingly, the situation turned the other way so quickly. We don't have enough planes to carry passengers, — the official stated the current situation.

The Government of India has already changed the aircraft leasing scheme, thereby increasing the number of available equipment on the market.

Including wet leasing is now allowed, in which the aircraft is leased along with the crew and a set of additional options: registration, insurance, repairs, fuel, spare parts, staff training, etc. The validity of such agreements is from one to two months years.

As the aviation industry continues to recover from the pandemic, a number of airlines around the world are placing large orders for new Boeings and Airbuses to boost capacity.

Air India< /strong> recently announced a major purchase of over 500 new — 250 Airbus and 290 Boeing aircraft. They will require at least 4,200 flight attendants and 900 pilots to operate.

Akasa Air CEO Vinay Dube shared with the press a statement that the airline will place a major order for new aircraft in the near future. “Until the end of the year there will be a large order for aircraft. I will not say exactly how many there are, but know that this number consists of three digits. In this regard, Akasa plans to hire 300 pilots next year.

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