IndiGo's Airbus A321neo engine fails during climb

IndiGo's Airbus A321neo engine failed while climbing

On June 10, IndiGo Flight 6E2789 from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Chennai International Airport took to the air to an altitude of 4,000 meters without any problems when one of its engines failed. The commander stopped climbing and made a circle back to Delhi. As always happens in such cases, the pilots reported the engine shutdown and requested permission for an emergency landing. It was confirmed immediately.

Saturday evening flight landed softly in Delhi about 35 minutes after departure with no reports of casualties. Passengers were taken out of the plane into the airport building. Some of them were waiting for a spare liner in Chennai, others rebooked tickets for other flights. In total, there were 230 people on board.

India's General Aviation Administration (DGCA) said the plane returned to Delhi due to an “engine failure”. At the same time, which of the many potential problems arose this time is not reported.  

“Flight IndiGo 6E 2789 from Delhi to Chennai returned to its origin due to a technical problem. The plane landed safely and is undergoing the necessary checks. Passengers have been provided with a spare aircraft that will take them to Chennai. We regret the inconvenience caused to passengers.

The A321neo involved in the incident is powered by two CFM International LEAP-1A engines. In fact, the neo was originally designed to fly with just one engine. The certified time of such a flight is 180 minutes, i.e. 3 hours. During this time, it was possible to fly to Chennai – the distance between cities is 1 & nbsp; 760 km, or 2 hours 30 minutes by flight.  However, an engine shutdown always necessitates an emergency landing.

IndiGo received this Airbus from lessor SMBC Leasing in February 2021, making it only two years old. Neo can accommodate up to 232 passengers in a one-class layout with a single economy class cabin.

On June 12, the liner returned to active service after the repair of an engine malfunction and runs on the same route.

IndiGo recently signed a mega-contract with Airbus for the delivery of 500 A320 family aircraft. The carrier currently has over 300 aircraft in its fleet, including 85 A321neos.

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