Is it possible to go to study in China now?

Can I go to study in China now?

More than two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, China has been closed to foreigners. In September this year, the situation changed for the better: the PRC authorities opened the borders for certain categories of citizens, including students.

At the moment, you can get to China on an X1 study visa, which is issued in case of admission to local educational institution for a period of at least 6 months.

Those who need to continue their studies on an X1 visa can also return to China. Members of the student's family (S1 or S2 visas) can also apply for a visa.

One of the following documents can serve as the basis for issuing an X1 visa:

  • Form JW201 (students scholarship recipients) or JW202 (students studying in China on a fee basis);
  • Written proof of enrollment in an educational institution;
  • Application for return to study.

To make an appointment at the Chinese Embassy for a visa, you must first fill out a special form on the website. Entrance to the representative office of the country is possible strictly by appointment (AVAS Confirmation is issued through the website).

We remind you that in order to travel to China, Russians need to obtain a Health Code (details here) and undergo quarantine upon arrival. You can get to the Celestial Empire by plane, direct flights are operated from major cities of Russia.

TURIZM will promptly inform readers about all changes in the rules of entry and the procedure for processing documents to the People's Republic of China together with Uway — specialist in the field of immigration, relocation and visa services.

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