Is it possible to live on a Russian pension in Turkey

Is it possible to live in Turkey on a Russian pension

Is it possible to retire in Russia and go to live on it in Turkey? In this country, prices are not as high as, say, in Europe, but in 2021-2022. due to inflation reaching 80%, they have grown a lot. If earlier it was possible to live in this country on a modest amount, then how are things after such a jump in the cost of everything and everything? Let's try to calculate the cost of living in Alanya.


Buy a homewith such an income will not come out, if only to sell real estate in the homeland or have savings sufficient for such an investment. Payment of utility bills on average will cost 5,000–6,000 RUB per month, plus the cost of monthly housing maintenance (aydat) – another 800–1,200 RUB. You won’t be able to rent an apartment alone, the most budget options for renting for a year start at 30,000 RUB. If you rent for a shorter amount of time, the price increases. /0a/7d0akgw4580s048k4kk4gsooc.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Is it possible to live in Turkey on a Russian pension



Regarding nutrition:Food prices in Turkish stores are quite high, they have risen a lot in the last 2 years. Especially expensive meat, some types of dairy products. Vegetables and fruits in the bazaars still cost a little. If you eat no frills and buy only the most necessary, you can meet 7000-8000 RUB per month for one.


Health insurancewith full coverage will cost 6300 RUB per person per month. You can save money on it, but it’s better for older people not to risk it – health problems happen often. If the insurance does not cover any services, you will have to pay for them yourself. Without insurance, most medical services will be paid, and these are rather big sums.

Other expenses

For a long stay in Turkey, a foreigner will need ikamet– residence. It entitles you to treatment under insurance in healthcare institutions, obtaining a loan, buying a car, etc. To obtain it, it is enough to conclude a real estate lease agreement for 1 year. Making an ikamet will cost about 15,000 RUB, including the services of a lawyer. At the end of the term, it must be renewed. 4jpdijodljeooscwsocck8s00.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Is it possible to live in Turkey on a Russian pension



If you add up only rent and food, you will need about 40,000 RUB. The average insurance pension in Russia is 18,000–20,000 RUB. Let's say pensioners want to move together – then both pensions will be enough only to pay for housing and food. It will not even remain for insurance, not to mention other items of expenditure.

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