Is it true that the Chinese are afraid of the sea?

Is it true that the Chinese are afraid of the sea?

China is washed by the waters of three seas, its coast stretches for almost 15 thousand km, the country is also not deprived of beach resorts. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire rest by the sea in a very original way: they can sit by the water under an umbrella or take a walk along the embankment, but the Chinese are really afraid to swim, and even more so to swim far from the coast. We tell you why.


Firstly, this attitude to water is associated with ancient superstitions. Connoisseurs of Chinese traditions claim that a kind of hydrophobia is an integral part of the local culture: many believe that the seas, lakes and other bodies of water are inhabited by evil spirits of drowned people who strive to drag people under water.


Secondly, most Chinese simply do not know how to swim, and even those who are alien to all sorts of prejudices are only ready to go into the water up to their ankles or splash around the shore with an inflatable ring. Until quite recently, there was no time and nowhere to learn to swim: there were not enough pools for everyone, and visiting them cost a pretty penny. A one-time trip to the pool cost 80-200 CNY, to the water park – about 300 CNY.

China solves the issue

True, recently the authorities have seriously taken up this issue: about 15 years ago, the country began to actively build swimming pools, and swimming lessons appeared in the schedule of Chinese universities. For example, the prestigious Beijing Tsinghua University officially tests applicants for the ability to swim – those who do not possess this skill are sent to special classes. Graduates will have to pass a swimming exam – this is a prerequisite for obtaining a diploma.

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