It won't be enough! 6 Expectations That All-Inclusive Vacations Don't Often Live Up To

Not enough! 6 expectations that an all-inclusive holiday rarely justifies

When booking hotels, many tourists first of all look for the line “all inclusive” in the description, because they are sure that with this option the rest will definitely be better. “Subtleties” against this system itself have nothing, but they warn: the cherished all-inclusive sometimes may not meet expectations at all. This is where vacationers risk disappointment.

1. Everything is included

The divergence of views with hoteliers on the meaning of the word all is the main source of frustration for tourists. Some, having their own idea of ​​what should be included in “all inclusive”, somehow do not bother to clarify how much the hotel agrees with them. Meanwhile, this is perhaps the first thing you need to start choosing a hotel. Because in one all inclusive will include any drinks, including alcoholic ones, in the other – only food and still water, you will have to pay for the rest, in the third, except for food and drinks, visiting the hammam and renting equipment for water sports will be free.

All inclusive differs from country to country and from hotel to hotel – and how it differs.

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