Italian beaches ban bringing food and drinks

It is forbidden to bring food and drinks on the beaches of Italy

Going to nature , many of us are used to taking something to eat with us – so to speak, arrange a little picnic. But to do this in Italy is very problematic. Recently, a lot of unpleasant situations have arisen on Italian beaches related to food and soft drinks that vacationers bring rather than buy at beach cafes. 

For example, on private beaches in the Puglia region. The administration kicked out 3 families with children in Torre Lapillo in the Ionian Marina area because they tried to eat the food they took with them. The beach workers said categorically: “Either pay or leave the beach immediately.” 

This scandal received publicity because it was made public by La Repubblica. And how many similar conflict situations occur in all of Italy is hard to even imagine. Almost all beaches that are owned by hotels or private individuals simply force vacationers to buy food exclusively in their cafes. 

As noted by journalist Dario Dusso, who wrote this scandalous article, even the local population is outraged by such actions . Perhaps the situation will change, but given the bureaucratic peculiarities of handling complaints in Italy, in September-October 2023, it is better for tourists to find out in advance what rules regarding food and drinks apply on a particular coast and not waste their nerves. 

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