It’s impossible, and that’s it: a tourist visited Thailand and didn’t like it

You can't, and that's it: the tourist visited Thailand and didn't like it reader Ekaterina Ryakhimova decided to fly to Thailand, even though she was originally going to Egypt. “We looked at budget tours – 141 thousand for two for a week, it seems to me a great price for this destination. It was our first vacation in Thailand, but we heard from friends. We took the Andakira 4 * hotel in Phuket, they were afraid to take Pattaya. We read the reviews and decided that the first acquaintance with the country should start from Phuket. But we were not particularly lucky, ”says the tourist.

Flight 9 hours; though direct, but heavy

After it, waiting for settlement is a test. There is nowhere to leave things here, change clothes too, you can’t go to the beach. I had to walk around shopping centers and cafes. By the way, everything is nearby, within walking distance, inexpensive and delicious coffee, a cafe of Russian cuisine for those who do not want to change their diet. We received the room exactly on time stated in the voucher. Previously, you will not be settled, even for money, even with children: you can’t, and that’s it. 1/1

We were not lucky with the hotel

Especially unlucky with the staff. The rooms are clean and not noisy. The third line from the beach, but only 10 minutes walk, the location of the hotel is excellent in relation to the sea and infrastructure. But the staff ruins the experience.

They don't speak Russian, it's very difficult to understand their English. The only word in Russian that they pronounce perfectly is “impossible”.

They will answer any request from a Russian tourist in this way. More like bullying, honestly. For example, there are two pools in the hotel, but the one on the third floor has always been unavailable. They didn’t understand what was the matter, it’s just “impossible” and that’s it. It is impossible to swim in another pool, cold water, and there are only 8 sunbeds for the entire hotel.

The food is terrible

On the second day, they began to have breakfast in city cafes. The hotel has nothing for breakfast except cereal, disgusting coffee, no fruit, freshly squeezed juice is “not allowed”, although there was a juicer.

When checking out, they tried to cheat and take payment for the mini-bar. We did not use the food and drinks from the minibar. But what does not deteriorate, but takes up space, we took out during our stay to put our own, then everything was returned. Even though I mentioned this to the staff, they still tried to charge us.1/1

Guided tours are very expensive

In the end, everything travel from an agency that operates opposite the hotel, prices are half as low. I really liked the show (we were at Kaan – this is not a farce, but a really cool show). Prices are too high, but if you definitely decide to go, buy on the site in advance, for the next dates, resellers are buying up everything.

Excursion to Thai boxing is bad, do not take: there are no interesting facts, no spectacle. We took a tour of the islands for 2 days (we ran away from the hotel with pleasure).

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I didn't like Patong Beach

Very dirty, I can't imagine what's going on in Pattaya then. There are fewer people to the left, but there the river flows into the sea and brings all kinds of dregs and garbage. A huge number of touts that stick like bath sheets.

Massages are ready to do right on the beach, as long as you pay them; even their Egyptian colleagues are far from them.

Although we are not the most experienced and spoiled travelers, we did not like Thailand at all. We did not see any color or comfort, we could not feel and appreciate the very atmosphere that everyone writes and talks about.

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