It’s not necessary: ​​7 signs of a provincial make-up

Don't do it this way: 7 signs of a provincial make-up

The beauty of Russian women has been heard all over the world. At the same time, it seems that Russian women are more likely to be reproached for strange make-up preferences than others. Alas, makeup on the verge of a foul, often without realizing it, is done by many beauties. And all – because of outdated rules, which even in the age of the Internet will not go into oblivion.

Blue shadows

“Shadows should be the same color as the eyes.” For some reason, this delusion is deeply rooted in the minds of some Russian fashionistas. Blue-eyed beauties boldly apply blue and turquoise shades on their eyelids, green-eyed beauties – green … As a result, the makeup turns out to be either tasteless or “dull” – the eyes simply get lost against an overly bright background.

Tonalka – in tone!

Too dark foundation is another faithful companion of Russian women. Meanwhile, this tool should be selected either in tone, or half a tone lighter. But in no case should it be darker – otherwise it will turn out too unnatural and even vulgar. The foundation is designed to even out skin tone, not change it. /6f/w6/6fw6462m59ssg80osogks888g.jpeg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Don't do that : 7 signs of a provincial make-up

Shark cheekbones

It is difficult to say why contouring is so popular in Russia – provincial beauties are constantly trying to achieve the effect of “predatory cheekbones”. And they do it with the help of a red bronzer, which, instead of a natural shade, gives the skin, to put it mildly, a painful look. Same problem with blush.

Evening, daytime, round-the-clock

Colored shadows at any time of the day or night are also a sign of bad taste. Going to the store for bread is never a reason to cover your eyelids with mother-of-pearl shadows in the morning. By the way, it is by this makeup that Russian girls are most often recognized abroad. It is better to postpone a make-up in a similar style until the evening, with a tracksuit it will clearly be inappropriate. ru/sized/f550x700/9n/4n/9n4nxcqv36skskc0wk8gwocow.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Don't do it this way: 7 signs of a provincial make-up


Arrows in front of the eyes are a popular trick among Russians. Aggressive dark stripes look spectacular only in certain atmospheres – for example, during a date night. And in such special cases, it is better to limit yourself to barely noticeable thin arrows.


For several years now, wide and natural eyebrows have been in trend. But many Russian women continue to confidently pluck them, leaving only a narrow strip that seems to be drawn with a pencil (often it happens). =”” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Don't do that : 7 signs of a provincial make-up

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