Japan imposes restrictions on travelers from China

Japan imposes restrictions on travelers from China

Japan has decided to restrict itself from visitors from China, effective December 30, 2022. Upon arrival, everyone will be tested for COVID-19, and those who test positive will be quarantined for a week. Japan will also restrict flights from China, Hong Kong and Macau to its four airports Narita, Haneda, Kansai and Chubu.

In early December, China lifted domestic travel restrictions and eased lockdowns. By doing so, the authorities signaled that they were effectively abandoning their previous zero-tolerance policy towards COVID-19. Literally two weeks have passed, and a nationwide surge in the incidence of coronavirus is already raging in the country. The day before, Beijing announced that it would no longer quarantine travelers upon arrival. True, not from today, but from January 8, 2023.

For those who enter Japan from China, starting from December 30, 2022, new, more stringent rules will apply.

< p>Firstly, these are all those who have been in China, even if passing through, during the last 7 days.

Secondly, those who arrive in Japan on direct flights from China.

In the past few months, tourists have begun to return to Japan, with the number of arrivals from China being kept at a minimum compared to pre-pandemic times. In 2019, Chinese travelers made up the largest group. This November, about 21,000 mainland Chinese arrived in Japan, and in November 2019 — 750,000.

Recall that Japan reopened its borders in October. TURIZM.RU

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