Japan lifts all anti-COVID entry restrictions early

Tests at airports will be voluntarily taken only by those foreigners who have symptoms of coronavirus -na-vezd-4fdafa2.jpg” alt=”Japan lifted all anti-COVID entry restrictions ahead of schedule” />

Japanese authorities lifted covid restrictions a week ahead of schedule, April 29, instead of May 8.

It is noted that this decision will attract more tourists during the “Golden Week”   ), Constitution Day (May 3), Greenery Day (May 4) and Children's Day (May 5). For the remaining two days, almost everyone takes a day off, so the week becomes non-working.

At the five major airports in Japan, however, a system of voluntary testing for coronavirus will work. It is assumed that only those foreigners who have symptoms of coronavirus will voluntarily take tests.

Previously, Russian tourists to visit Japan had to present a certificate of three-time vaccination with WHO-approved drugs, or a PCR test made 72 hours before leaving the country of departure. The test result must be downloaded to the MySos application installed on the smartphone. Tourists also needed to get a QR code to enter Japan on the Visit Japan website and take out insurance with coronavirus treatment coverage

none of the covid documents.

The Japanese wore masks in Japan even before the pandemic, and now they are not going to take it off. Despite the fact that there is no legislative order in this regard. Is that a recommendation. 

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