Japan to lift all anti-COVID entry restrictions on May 8

Also in Japan, state support for screening, testing and treatment of coronavirus will be reduced -dlja-vezda-00d4ecd.jpg” alt=”Japan will lift all anti-COVID entry restrictions on May 8″ />

Japanese authorities decided to stop a number of anti-COVID measures from May 8 COVID-19 as the disease's rating will be downgraded to seasonal flu, according to The Japan Times.

“With the reclassification of the coronavirus, the Japanese government will stop all border controls or testing of people arriving in the country. But if a new and highly pathogenic strain emerges, the authorities will take measures to slow its spread, including quarantine,” the newspaper writes.

According to the newspaper, government support will also be reduced in Japan screening, testing and outpatient treatment of coronavirus.

Currently, Russian tourists to visit Japan must present a certificate of three times vaccination with drugs approved by WHO, or a PCR test taken 72 hours before departure from the country of departure. The test result must be downloaded to the MySos application installed on the smartphone. Tourists will also need to obtain a QR code to enter Japan from the Visit Japan website and take out travel insurance with coronavirus treatment coverage.


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