Lakshadweep bans entry to 17 islands for security reasons

Only those who succeed in obtaining an entry permit from the magistrate will be able to enter 17 of the 36 islands of the archipelago in the Arabian Sea

Lakshadweep banned entry to 17 islands for security reasons

Recently, the Lakshadweep administration banned entry as locals and outsiders on 17 of the 36 islands of the archipelago in the Arabian Sea.

Referring to this, the District Magistrate (DM) of Lakshadweep issued an order in accordance with Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), citing national security and public safety considerations.

The decision was reportedly adopted to prevent terrorist or smuggling activities on the islands.

According to an official order, some uninhabited islands have temporary buildings to house coconut workers, and it is possible that along with these workers there are people who are engaged in illegal, anti-social and anti-national activities, such as smuggling, seeking shelter or hiding places for storing weapons. or drugs.

The order further adds that this is a precautionary measure that was taken in view of the possibility of terrorist groups or other similar organizations planning and carrying out attacks on key institutions of the country and places of mass congestion of people .

The MP also added that in order to prevent fear and terror among people through terrorism, violence and the possibility of anti-national, smuggling, illegal and anti-social activities, as well as attacks on important military and paramilitary, industrial and religious sites of the country, threatening public security

Please note that only those who manage to obtain entry clearance from the divisional magistrate will be allowed to enter the designated islands without prior written permission.



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