Lips and butt to do with it: 6 non-obvious signs of beauty in women

Lips and booty have nothing to do with it: 6 non-obvious signs of beauty in women

For years, the beauty industry has been imposing on society the reference image of a curvy beauty with full lips and a languid look. It is clear why: to sell for expensive miracle products that will turn any pumpkin into a princess in a couple of weeks. But, pursuing these selfish goals, marketers hung a bunch of complexes on millions of attractive women. The first to feel the catch was in the West, from where the famous body-positive came to us. Emancipated American women realized that they could not achieve the ideal, so they simply declared themselves ideal in their naturalness. In Europe, plastic surgery has long been abandoned, and even manicure-pedicure is almost never done. In our country, the old stereotypes still hold, but the bastion seems to be about to fall.

A sample of the beauty of recent years is an instadiva with Kim Kardashian volumes, Bella Hadid's cheekbones and Angelina Jolie's lips. But that's not what makes a woman beautiful. And what? There are no mathematically exact criteria (and thank God), but there are non-obvious signs – and only two of them were found by “Subtleties” to be physical. “” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Lips and booty have nothing to do with it: 6 non-obvious signs of beauty in women

1. Skin without flaws

The absence of age spots, acne, enlarged pores, acne, peeling and oily sheen is already more than half the success. A woman with such skin is intuitively perceived as healthy and beautiful. And weight, height and waist size go by the wayside.

2. Symmetric facial features

In almost all people, the left and right sides of the face are different. Most of all, this is noticeable in the eyes: if you look closely, you can see that they are really different shapes. The more symmetrical both halves, the more beautiful the woman (and the man too) seems to be. Our brain intuitively seeks harmony.

3. Nice smile

Very often, a disposing smile overshadows many of the flaws in appearance. For many, this is more important than the perfect complexion and harmonious physique. A positive smiling girl looks much more advantageous than a diva with perfect parameters and perfectly contoured lips permanently twisted from dissatisfaction with everything and everything. /” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

4. Optimism

Many men believe this is the main secret of female attractiveness. They are drawn to ladies who radiate positive energy. The ability to maintain lightness and optimism even in difficult times is what attracts the stronger sex like a magnet.

5. The very highlight

No one can say exactly what it is, but it is immediately clear when it is. Some kind of feature that distinguishes a woman from everyone else and makes her turn around after her. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether it is a physical trait or a psychological one. d7/7e/d77eukjncmgo04c48ccog400c.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Lips and ass have nothing to do with it: 6 non-obvious signs of beauty in women

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6. Intelligence

External beauty quickly disappears. The body ages, wrinkles appear, the figure deteriorates and the sparkle in the eyes fades. And the brain remains “in shape” for many more years. An educated, pleasant and empathic woman will always be a beauty in the eyes of others.

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