Lisbon named Europe's most budget-friendly city for a short break

Lisbon voted Europe's cheapest city for a short vacation

Annual travel survey organized by ABTA showed that Vilnius (Lithuania), Krakow (Poland) and Athens (Greece) ranked second, third and fourth respectively in the ranking of European budget cities.

The study was conducted in 35 European cities. Respondents were asked to “estimate” what it would cost them to travel with 12 mandatory expense items, including sightseeing tours, a two-day stay at any three-star hotel, a dinner for two with wine, and transportation within the city. 

Lisbon – “paradise for walkers” – regained the prestigious title. For a short trip to the capital of Portugal, 260 euros will be enough for a tourist to pay for two nights in a hotel, have dinner, according to the conditions of the organizers, and visit local attractions: Castle of St. George, Torre de Belen, Jeronimos Monastery, Lisbon Oceanarium and the National Museum ancient art.

Last year, prices in Lisbon rose slightly – by only two percent. This is much less than in most cities in Europe.

Lisbon was ahead of the Lithuanian Vilnius by a very small margin, while being cheaper than all cities in Eastern Europe.

It is interesting that last year the first place occupied by Athens, and in this they were only in fourth place.

As for the most expensive European tourist centers in 2023, they were Amsterdam (Netherlands), Venice (Italy), Paris (France), Dublin ( Ireland) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

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