List of Hurghada hotels with shark nets. Do these networks make sense?

List of Hurghada hotels with shark nets. Do these nets make sense?

A shark attack on a Russian tourist in Hurghada is a serious incident that again raises the issue of the safety of a vacation on the shores of the Red Sea. After the tragic incident, tourists are increasingly asking tour operators how the issue of protection from marine predators is being resolved. Travel agents report that after the shark incident, customers have become more interested in hotels with special nets on the beaches. There is no excitement, but if earlier when choosing a hotel such questions were not asked at all, now the situation has changed.

What does this grid look like?

There are hotels with grids, there are a lot of them in Egypt. But what are these grids? As a rule, only thin “nylon” fences around a small lagoon in shallow water. If a tourist wants to sail further into the depths and admire the inhabitants of the Red Sea, nothing protects him.

In many cases, making a solid fence is expensive, and sometimes completely impossible – piers interfere or it is forbidden to interfere in the Red Sea ecosystem in a particular place (as in Sharm el-Sheikh).

What to do?

To install a reliable structure that can stop a shark weighing about a ton, you need permission from the competent authorities. So far, this has not been necessary. But after the attack of a predator, representatives of the hotels of Hurghada turned to the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of the Environment with requests. It is assumed that safe swimming areas with metal barriers will be created.

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Which hotels have at least some grids?

However, it is important for tourists who care about their own safety to know that there is already at least some protection on the hotel's beach. Tour operators have prepared a list of hotels with shark nets.

  1. Hotels of the network “Albatross”. There are 4 * and 5 *, you can choose a budget one or, conversely, in a higher price category: Albatros White Beach Resort, Albatros Blu Spa, Albatros Palace Resort Hurghada, Albatros Jungle Aqua Park By Neverland, Alf Leila Wa Leila By Neverland, Water Valley By Neverland, Albatros Beach Club Abu Soma, Beach Albatros Resort Hurghada.
  2. Dana Beach Resort is a “five” in good standing with Russian-speaking staff.
  3. Desert Rose Resort Hurghada is praised by tourists for its successful location and delicious food in restaurants.
  4. Grand Seas By Sunrise (formerly Protels Grand Seas Resort) is a family hotel suitable for families with young children.
  5. Mirage Resort & The Aquapark is distinguished for its good value for money.
  6. Mercure Hurghada is praised for its service and attitude of the staff.
  7. Rixos Premium Magawish is considered one of the best hotels in Hurghada.
  8. Labranda Club Makadi Makady Bay and Labranda Royal Makadi Makady Bay are “four” and “five” with a beautiful well-groomed territory.
  9. Steigenberger Al Dau and Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel – mainly focused on tourists from Europe.
  10. Sunrise Holidays — good beach and friendly staff
  11. Swiss Inn Resort Hurghada — perfect for a relaxing holiday.

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