Lufthansa may lose 34,000 flights from summer schedule

34,000 flights may disappear from Lufthansa's summer schedule

According to a representative Lufthansa, the airline has already formed and approved its summer schedule for 2023. However, in view of the ongoing shortage of qualified employees and other problems, Lufthansa began to adjust programs from Frankfurt and Munich in advance. There is every reason to believe that a significant number of flights will be reduced,

The carrier promised that all those affected, that is, those left without a flight with tickets in hand, will be informed in advance so that there are no last-second flight cancellations .

In this way, everyone can find alternatives and adjust their travel plans.

In addition to the unresolved problem of staff shortages, Lufthansa was hit by a workers' strike last Friday.


Due to a one-day strike announced on 17 February in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dortmund, Hannover and Bremen, Lufthansa was forced to cancel more than 1,300 flights. All passengers were advised to refrain from traveling to airports.

For those affected by this protest, Lufthansa provided train tickets, food vouchers and hotel accommodation.

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