Malaysia Airlines will enable free Wi-Fi on board from July 1st. But not everyone

Malaysia Airlines will turn on free Wi-Fi on board from July 1. But not for everyone

From July 1, airlines belonging to the Malaysia Airlines Group (MAG), which includes Malaysia Airlines, Firefly and MASwings, will offer passengers free Wi-Fi on board.

After the approval of the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority, Malaysia Airlines is ready to provide passengers departing from Malaysia on international flights with Internet from the moment they board to the moment they leave the aircraft.

So, as early as Saturday, Malaysia Airlines passengers will be able to enjoy the opportunity to stay connected using their personal electronic devices (PED) throughout the journey, that is, from the moment they board the plane until they arrive at their destination airport.

Turning on “airplane mode” on their device, passengers are no longer required to turn off their gadgets during takeoff and landing, as was previously required by regulations. The list of allowed devices includes mobile phones, tablets and other portable gadgets that can be put in the passenger seat pocket.

However, not all passengers will get free Wi-Fi. The new offer will only be available to Business Class and Platinum Members.

Additionally, the offer is limited in time and expires on December 31, 2023.

Please also note that free Wi-Fi will initially only be available on 20 Malaysia Airlines, Firefly and MASwings aircraft. That is, the question of whether a particular aircraft is equipped with the right equipment for connecting to the Internet is somewhat like a lottery.

MAG announced that the data volume has a limit of 100 MB with a maximum speed of 512 Kbps. According to the statement, this ensures that passengers “are able to stay connected and productive during their journey.”

In addition to the new free Wi-Fi project, all passengers flying with Malaysia Airlines and the group's partner airlines will continue to be able to enjoy pay-per-view connectivity to provide wireless in-flight entertainment.

The company plans to take several steps in the coming months. steps designed to improve the overall flight experience.

This program will see a complete redesign of the experience, from seating to in-flight entertainment, while keeping passenger safety and comfort at the forefront.

Initiatives already implemented include updated entertainment content, including more than doubling the selection of Hollywood movies, new podcasts and wellness programs.

Singapore Airlines announced an expansion of free Wi-Fi services in recent weeks and Delta Air Lines.

Meanwhile, free Wi-Fi pioneer Jetblue has been offering free Wi-Fi to all passengers since 2017. Qatar, Emirates and Etihad have limited free connection programs and only for certain groups of passengers.

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