Malta granted citizenship to 339 foreigners in 2022

In 2022, Malta granted citizenship to 339 foreigners

According to data provided by the Parliament of Malta, Maltese citizenship was granted in 2022 to 284 male foreigners, and only 55 women.

Despite a solid result in last year's naturalized — and in Malta, the rules for considering applications are not the simplest, — it is still lower than in 2021, when Malta granted citizenship to a total of 421 people.

In terms of the number of refusals, the country's Minister of the Interior, Byron Camilleri, said that a total of 1,372 people were denied citizenship by naturalization. applicants. It turns out that in total in 2022 more than 1,600 applicants applied to become citizens of Malta.

Commenting on the large number of refusals, Minister Camilleri said that those who had the right to remain in the country were not affected. Another thing is that most of those who applied did not meet certain rules.

As for the nationality of those who successfully passed all the procedures, the authorities confirmed the presence of a list of immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Palestine and Israel. In conclusion, Camilleri stated that there were no cases of withdrawal of Maltese citizenship in 2022.

All those who have been legally in Malta for more than seven years may apply for Maltese citizenship through naturalization. However, you need to be prepared that this process can take years.

According to official requirements, in order to apply for Maltese citizenship by naturalization, applicants must be over 18 years old. In addition, they must be of balanced character, speak Maltese and English, and be “good citizens”.

In addition, persons applying for Maltese citizenship by naturalization must have two sponsors, and not relatives.

First Sponsor can be a Member of Parliament, Judge, Medical Practitioner, Police Officer, Notary or Public Prosecutor.

Second Sponsor can be any citizen of Malta not mentioned in any from the categories mentioned above. But the requirements for the age of the guarantor are minimal: the main thing is that he is already 18 years old.

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