Marry a Turk: 3 facts and 3 speculations

Marry a Turk: 3 facts and 3 conjectures

Turkish grooms are popular in Russia: according to statistics, our compatriots choose them as husbands more often than other foreigners. Family life with the Turks among Russian women develops in different ways. “Marry like a cage”, “you will become a victim of a tyrant,” some warn, “I live like the wife of a Turkish sultan,” others brag. “Subtleties” studied the reviews of Russian wives about Turkish husbands and tried to understand the nuances of interethnic marriages, separating facts from myths and conjectures.

Fact 1: A wife must obey her husband

In the Turkish family, the roles are traditionally distributed: the man is the head of the family, the woman is the keeper of the hearth, so there is most often no talk of equality or partnerships. The husband makes all the important decisions and earns money, the wife creates home comfort, takes care of her husband and children. In their companions, Eastern men appreciate restraint, humility, and the ability to avoid conflicts. They do not accept a commanding tone or reproaches – the wife should speak to her husband respectfully, show respect and feminine weakness.

Another important member of the family is the mother-in-law: the Turks listen to the wishes of their mother much more often than to the opinion of their soulmate. Building relationships with an imperious mother-in-law is a difficult task that not all Russian wives can handle. .ru/sized/f550x700/co/u0/cou070rvf604gk880wocw80gw.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Marrying a Turk: 3 Facts and 3 speculations


Fact 2: Turks are caring husbands and fathers

Russian women who are happily married to Turks praise them for their decency, reliability, and ability to take care of their families. “There are many advantages to living with a Turk. My husband is very hardworking, makes good money and brings money to the house. In addition, he is very caring and romantic, we are really happy,” says Tatyana from Blagoveshchensk.

Turks, as a rule, love children very much and actively participate in their upbringing, without shifting all responsibility to their wife.

A Turkish dad may well change a baby's diaper, go to a parent meeting at school, take the child to the clinic and to the sea. Fathers pay a lot of attention to children, but try not to spoil them beyond measure.

Fact 3: Turks are very jealous

Russian wives often complain about excessive suspicion and pathological jealousy of Turkish husbands. They seek to control every step of their life partners, monitor their calls and correspondence, demand a report even about going to the store, and force them to wear closed clothes. The reason for a domestic scandal can be any manifestation of attention from another man: a careless word or look is enough for a husband to accuse his wife of inappropriate behavior.

Myth 1: You have to convert to Islam

Many people think that when marrying a Muslim, a Russian girl must accept his religion. This is not entirely true: in each family, the issue of faith is decided individually. Someone really decides to convert to Islam, and someone even before the wedding declares that he will remain with his convictions. “Each of us respects the other for who he is and does not try to remake him for himself. Of course, like all people, we adapt to each other at some point. But this is definitely not a matter of religion and belief,” Daria and Serkan believe.

Myth 2: Turkish wives don't work

Married Turkish women indeed often stay at home, taking care of the household and children, but a non-working Russian wife is rather an exception. As a rule, former Russian women work in the company of their husbands, helping them to run a business. Others manage to find work in their field of study from their home countries, and some monetize their own hobby, for example, organize photo shoots, lead yoga classes, or earn money blogging. “>

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