Moroccans lost 9 million euros on Schengen visas in a year

Moroccans lost 9 million euros on Schengen visas in a year

In 2021 Moroccan citizens have filed more than 157,000 applications for Schengen visas — this is the fifth result in the world after Russia — 536 & nbsp; 241 statements, Turkey — 271 977, Ukraine — 194 246 and Saudi Arabia — 173 485.

At the same time, Morocco has the highest rejection rate: 27.6 percent of visa applications submitted within the country were rejected by representatives of the Schengen area, while the top four statistics are as follows: Russia — 3.2 percent failures, Turkey — 16.9%, Ukraine — 2.7% and Saudi Arabia — 4.3%.

Given that the cost of obtaining a Schengen visa is 80 euros, and this money is not returned for any result, Moroccans have spent at least 9 million euros on visa denials.

In fact, the amount of losses is even higher — in many cases, citizens additionally paid a consular fee of 35 euros, bought travel insurance, in some cases, hotel reservations were also non-refundable. This, not counting the cost of making photographs, photocopies of documents, etc.

The country that refused the Moroccans the most, — France, which rejected 35 percent of applications.

France, Spain and Germany are statistically the leaders among the 27 Schengen countries in rejections. For three, they organized 66.6 percent of all negative decisions.

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