Most cruise lines have stopped testing for COVID-19

Most cruise lines have stopped testing for COVID-19

Starting this month, More and more cruise lines are supporting the industry trend of easing or eliminating passenger vaccination and pre-testing requirements. Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Virgin Voyages have added to this list.

Only a few weeks Norwegian Cruise Line made headlines as one of the first cruise lines to remove all testing, vaccination and mask requirements.

Disney announced that starting November 14th all travelers, regardless of vaccination status, will no longer be required to be screened for coronavirus. All unvaccinated passengers are now required to undergo a single test one to two days prior to boarding.

Virgin Voyages, which offers adults-only cruises, has also eliminated all vaccine and testing requirements for all of its ships effective October 30.

According to Royal Caribbean, unvaccinated passengers aged 12 and over , must be tested within three days prior to boarding, and vaccinated passengers are completely excluded from testing. Note that the company accepts photos of self-test results as proof.

Previously, Royal Caribbean required that vaccinated passengers, as well as unvaccinated passengers aged 5 years and older, be tested before cruises of 10 nights or more .

A number of other cruise lines have also relaxed traveler requirements, including MSC Cruises completely eliminating testing for vaccinated passengers on Caribbean cruises.

Similarly, Carnival has waived mandatory vaccinations and testing for all passengers on cruises of 15 nights or less.

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