Music banned on Portuguese beaches

Music banned on the beaches of Portugal

Praia Sao Rafael, Albufeira (unsplash)

In the summer of 2023, the National Maritime Authority of Portugal (AMN) instructed the maritime police on the country's municipal beaches to ensure that no one brings speakers to the sea and does not turn on loud music. Now any vacationer can complain to the police about those who interfere with relaxing time on the beach.


Depending on the general behavior and reaction to comments from vacationers and police officers, the violator can be fined from 200 to 4,000 euros. If the order is violated by a group of persons, then the minimum fine will increase to 2 000 euros. The maximum monetary penalty – 36 thousand euros.


It is worth noting that AMN does not specify an acceptable volume level for music. This means that in each case, the police will determine on their own whether the vacationer interferes with others or not. This means that both abuses and indulgences are possible.


What is the conclusion from this? – In the summer of 2023, it is better to come to the beaches of Portugal without a portable speaker.  

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