Nearly 2.3 million foreign tourists visited Malta in 2022

 Almost 2.3 million foreign tourists visited Malta in 2022

The markets of Poland, Austria, Italy and France exceeded the level of the pre-crisis 2019 in terms of tourist flow.

Foreign tourists “left” on vacation a record 2.0 billion euros. However, per traveler, the figures have slightly decreased — from 899 euros in 2021 to 880 euros in 2022.

In addition, the Maltese authorities have calculated that the total number of tourists who entered last December was 136 423 people, and the total number of overnight stays almost reached one million — 967 108.

At the same time, 117,668 tourists visited Malta for the purpose of recreation, and 12,966 — for business purposes.

41.2% of travelers were in the “gold” aged 25–44 years, the next age group 45–64 with 33.6%.

Most tourists came from the UK, Italy and France— a total of 43.9 percent.

It is interesting that the majority of tourists did not live in hotels, but in rented accommodation — 83.3%. The average length of stay was 7.1 nights, and the average cost per day is estimated at 105 euros.

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