New automatic baggage drop counters installed at Frankfurt Airport

New automatic baggage drop counters have been installed at Frankfurt Airport

Air Harbor Authority issued a special statement , in which he draws attention to the fact that the automatic baggage handling function will allow passengers to quickly and conveniently check in their luggage at any time, thereby shortening the check-in process. staff will remain, and those who prefer to communicate with people rather than robots can do everything the old fashioned way.

Cooperation between the Lufthansa Group and the airport authorities to install new baggage check-in counters took place in two stages and took about

During the renovation process, the old racks were dismantled, along with a significant part of the ceiling structures, which housed the technical equipment that connected the racks to the baggage transport system.

Fraport airport operator invested in this project is about 20 million euros.

At the moment, check-in counters from 200 to 400 of Terminal 1 have been modernized. In the future, Fraport plans to install similar new generation automatic systems in other areas of the terminal.

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