New modern European night train to start operating in May

New modern European night train to start operating in May

Train travel in Europe has become even more attractive thanks to another route announced by the new railway company. Its debut is scheduled for this spring.

European Sleeper, which will launch a flight from Berlin to Brussels in May, announced that they recently partnered with the European Union to “lay” another direction — between Amsterdam and Barcelona.

With a mission to realize “a more enjoyable and smarter way to travel around Europe” Goodnight Train from European Sleeper will start on May 25, 2023 on the route Berlin – Brussels with stops along the way in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other interesting cities. In 2024, the trip will be extended to Dresden and Prague.

Tickets for the first trip and future summer trips went on sale from 20 February. The train provides many options for “accommodation”; for different money. So, a bed for one person starts at 159 euros, a more budget option with one seat in a common compartment for six people will cost 49 euros.

European Sleeper previously announced that it was ready to launch in 2022, but ” “encountered difficulties in securing funding for rolling stock” and rescheduled the opening of the project.

For international tourists, rail travel across Europe has always been a convenient and reliable way to visit many countries, and in the future such travel may become even easier. According to a December 2021 report, the EU has set a goal of doubling high-speed rail by 2030 and tripling by 2050.

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