New rules for obtaining visas to Spain

New rules for obtaining visas to Spain

According to the new rules, Russians cannot apply online. Now personal presence is required, and the possible processing time for documents has also been increased. 

New rules for issuing visas to Spain for Russian citizens:

  1. Documents are submitted by a person who receives a visa or the closest relative who has an appropriate power of attorney and original documents confirming kinship (father/mother, brother/sister, husband/wife, son/daughter);
  2. Documents can be submitted through officially accredited travel agencies. Their list will be published on the official website of the center. You can request information about the accreditation of a specific travel agency by sending a request to 


The Visa Application Center noted that all responsibility for submitting documents through third parties lies solely with visa applicants.


As for the new possible processing time for documents at the – it has been extended to 1.5 months. This point should be taken into account when booking tours to Spain. 

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