No annoying animators and corn sellers: an unexpectedly worthy vacation in Novorossiysk

No annoying animators and corn sellers: an unexpectedly worthy vacation in Novorossiysk

Baturina Yuliya, Shutterstock Olga, a reader of The Subtleties of Tourism, has always had a biased attitude towards vacations in the Russian south: she believed that there was poor service and high prices. “But the passport turned out to be expired and I decided to try my luck – to go to Novorossiysk. Will my opinion change? I chose this city on the Black Sea coast because it is not overcrowded with tourists, like neighboring Gelendzhik, and you can get there both by bus and by train, ”Olga shares.

The first impression of the city can be described with the word “wow”

I immediately fell in love with Novorossiysk: clean, tidy, with a huge embankment, where you can not only go on an excursion to the ship (museum-cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov”), but also eat delicious food (there are a lot of establishments), rent a bike, ride in a zorb .

About the beaches

But, of course, I was interested not only in the promenade, but also in the beaches. Swimming or sunbathing on the Central Beach seemed to me a dubious pleasure. Novorossiysk is a port city, the water near the ship anchorage is not the cleanest.

Although there were free sunbeds on this beach, and places where you can change clothes, and people who were not afraid to pick up some kind of infection in the water.

I decided to go to Aleksino Beach

It is located in the southern part of the city. Equipped with everything: sun loungers (paid), cafes, tents with souvenirs, toilets, trampolines for children, etc. Normal civilized beach. But, most importantly, there are no annoying animators or corn sellers here. Plus, there is a large supermarket “Magnet” nearby, where you can buy on a budget.

Aleksino is not the only beach where I was, I also looked into Myskhako. I decided to go there on foot, the journey took a little over an hour. But you can not repeat my “feats”, but get to the place by minibus.

The beach was just disgusting. The water is full of rubbish, pieces of wood, mud. Entering such water was, to put it mildly, creepy.

To Abrau!

I consider it a crime to visit Novorossiysk and not go to Abrau-Dyurso. Moreover, you can get there by a regular city bus for 50 RUB and 40 minutes. But the road is mostly serpentine, so it's good to get sick along the way. Abrau has entertainment for every taste: if you want, take a boat ride on the lake, if you want, go on an excursion with a tasting of famous champagnes and wines, or if you want, just lie on the beach.

But still there are many more advantages in the city

It is cozy, authentic, not noisy , without crowds of tourists walking around in the same as they sunbathed on the beach. It's just nice to walk along the winding streets, go to cafes, feed seagulls on the embankment.

Plus, prices in Novorossiysk are not as wild as in neighboring cities. For 4 days that I spent here in August last year, I spent only 18 thousand. This is given that 8,000 was spent on rent. And the rest of the money is food, travel and spending on various little things. I will definitely return to Novorossiysk again, but for a longer period!

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