No worse than in Europe: 8 not the most famous cities in Russia worth visiting

No worse than in Europe: 8 not-so-famous Russian cities worth visiting

Discovering Russia is an exciting activity. But for this you need to abandon the standard set of tourist places in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan – and move on. No, not towards the Black Sea coast and Krasnaya Polyana, but towards the wide expanses of the Volga, the snowy ridges of the Caucasus, the high banks of the Amur…

1. Uglich

A small pretty town on the Volga with an exemplary embankment, beautiful churches and cozy summer verandas in the courtyards of merchant estates. It is not true that the best view of Uglich is available only to passengers of pleasure boats who come here as part of river tours. Come here by car or bus: take a walk, visit small private museums, enjoy the atmosphere of a charming Russian province. Where to go for the weekend: 9 cool cities near Moscow and St. Petersburg.

2. Veliky Novgorod

Without exaggeration, Veliky Novgorod is a tourist pearl of the North-West of Russia. One Rurik's settlement is worth something. And also the medieval stone Kremlin, surrounded by a modern landscape park, Orthodox cathedrals of the 11th century and the picturesque lake Ilmen. From the fortress wall of the Novgorod citadel, magnificent views of the bridges thrown across the Volkhov open up.

3. Kostroma

Residents of the capital region usually do not reach Kostroma: it is far away, and Yaroslavl with its golden domes is closer. And in vain – this is a city with incredible energy, a real cradle of Russian culture. Connoisseurs of architecture will especially like it there: wooden and stone architecture of past centuries is represented in Kostroma by many masterpieces. And these are not only churches and monasteries, but also estates, shopping arcades, residential buildings with filigree trim.

4. Vladivostok

Vladivostok is breathtaking. It is somehow unreal: hills, cable-stayed bridges, a port sparkling with lights and the endless expanse of the Sea of ​​Japan. It's like you're not in Russia. In local fish restaurants, a fresh catch is served to the table, and in Korean, Chinese and Japanese gastronomic establishments, it is not at all an imitation adapted to the tastes of a European client, but the most national cuisine. In the summer in Vladivostok, people swim on sandy and pebbly beaches.

5. Irkutsk

Irkutsk is one of the most beautiful cities in Siberia. If you are heading, for example, to Lake Baikal, stay there for at least a couple of days. Go to the nerpinary, take a walk along the Angara embankment, look into the historic Irkutsk settlement with restored wooden houses. Be sure to take a look at the local architectural masterpiece – the railway station. /t5/8yt5hx46m1gcgk88o8wko08kk.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

No worse than in Europe: 8 not-so-famous Russian cities worth visiting


6. Gorno-Altaisk

The city is small and relatively new. There are no historical buildings there. But this is the gate to Altai, located around the picturesque green hills. From here, roads to the natural beauties of the region begin. In the city itself, the National Museum named after A.V. Anokhin deserves special attention, where the history of the region is told in detail. You can hang out there for 3-4 hours. And then take the bus and continue on to Teletskoye Lake or to the Seminsky Pass. 10 cool but little-known places that you can go to in one day from Moscow.

7. Vladikavkaz

The central alley of Vladikavkaz, Prospekt Mira, seems to pass into the snowy slopes of high mountains. Below are retro trams, flower beds and cute 19th century mansions, but as soon as you look up, you run into peaks that have merged with the sky. The Terek embankment offers panoramic views of the Caucasus Range. 40 km from the capital of North Ossetia-Alania is the mysterious and creepy Dargavs with family tombs.

8. Evpatoria

Everyone who has reached the Western Crimea without settling somewhere in Koktebel or Yalta will be rewarded in full. It is a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. It is literally packed with iconic landmarks. Walking around the Karaite quarter, you will completely forget that you are in Russia, rather, somewhere on the islands lost in the Mediterranean.

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