Norway to close its embassies in Slovakia, Kosovo and Sri Lanka in 2023

Norway will close its embassies in Slovakia, Kosovo and Sri Lanka in 2023 

In a statement released on Friday, September 9, the government assured that it will increase the staff of some foreign missions in 2023, especially in Europe, to cope with the increased workload.< /p>

On the list of embassies to be closed in 2023: in Bratislava — Slovakia, Colombo — Sri Lanka, and in Pristina — Kosovo. Also, the embassy in Antananarivo in Madagascar and the consulate general in Houston will cease their activities next year — USA. 

The statement says that Norway's diplomatic presence in Kosovo, Madagascar, Slovakia and Sri Lanka will be carried out “differently”. For example, these countries can “attach” to neighbors where there is a Norwegian presence. 

Currently, Norway has 101 foreign representations abroad. In the future, this number will decrease, but diplomats are not going to be reduced or fired.  

“The Norwegian Foreign Service consists of more than 2600 employees, of which about 800 in Oslo, more than 600 diplomats stationed in the field, and approximately 1200 local employees who work directly in foreign missions”, – the statement explains.

Embassies like those in Bucharest, Kyiv and Vilnius, along with Norway's EU and NATO delegates in Brussels, will be reinforced with more diplomats in 2023. Thus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considering the possibility of further strengthening with diplomats or employees recruited locally.

In addition, in 2023, Norway will also strengthen destinations outside Europe with foreign personnel.

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