Not for the faint of heart: a review of the holiday in the Egyptian “four”

“We were looking for a tour to an atypical Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh is too touristy, as it seemed to us, we rested there three times. We decided to look at unpopular resorts, according to reviews we chose Dahab. We wanted to get peace, unusual authentic villages, beautiful views of the mountains and the coastline, not overloaded with hotels, but got some kind of game. They gave 100 thousand for “all inclusive” for 10 days at the Tropitel Dahab Oasis 4 * hotel. We flew with AZUR air, the flight there was delayed for 4 hours, two of which we spent on the plane. We flew back right on schedule.” Anastasia, a reader of Subtleties, shares her impressions.

About the resort

Dahab is the worst choice for holidays in Egypt in winter. It is terribly windy and cold here, it is almost impossible to swim in the sea, and you can get burned in a few minutes. There are almost no normal beaches. The only plus of this region is diving, active sports such as kite and windsurfing. But the prices for these pleasures are many times higher than in the same Sharm. In general, the prices for food, souvenirs and excursions are very high here, there are few tourists, so local merchants charge them for everyone. 1/1

It is simply dangerous to be on the streets of a Bedouin village

Everywhere some drunken (or not only) strange-looking individuals. There are rotting heaps of garbage on the streets, a lot of corpses of stray animals: cats, dogs and livestock. There are several fish restaurants: they look beautiful, young people from different countries often gather there, but we never went there, it was very unpleasant for me to be in the city. On wild beaches and wastelands near the city, some events and festivals very often take place, but obviously unauthorized, just spontaneous. Screams and music until the morning, the sounds of revving cars, squeals, fireworks at 4 am. I can imagine how much garbage remains after these parties, and all this is carried by the wind around the district.

Of the beautiful views, only mountains

But against the backdrop of all the horror that is happening, somehow they are not up to it. The blue hole adds to the negative: this is not a landmark, but a divers' graveyard. God, why so many people died there, it's incomprehensible! It’s one thing to hear about this place, it’s another thing to see hundreds of commemorative plaques with people’s names with your own eyes. If this place is so dangerous, why not take control of it? Make a higher price for dives in order to pay for the services of lifeguards, regulatory authorities.1/1


The Tropitel Dahab Oasis 4 * hotel is not bad, even very good by Egyptian standards, but not for a beach holiday. The entrance to the sea is stones, the swim is only from the pontoon, there is no pier. The beach is constantly crowded with strange people, tourists from other hotels, sellers, camels.

The rooms are not killed, spacious, the territory is well-groomed, the pools are clean. No queues at bars and restaurants. Food quality is good, great choice, everything is fresh, new cutlery, service is fast. The portions are huge, for snacks by the pool they give tortillas with meat, burgers, barbecue wings. Alcohol of good quality, there was canned beer, good canned champagne and Martini in original packaging. A good massage parlor, you can choose a male or female masseur. One massage is not worth taking: expensive. Take a course of 5 sessions – and the price is good, and you will really feel the effect. 1/1

The hotel staff is polite, they don't ask for tips, they don't make eyes at everyone. The room is cleaned well, there are a lot of towels, beach towels can be changed often, there are no cards, take it at any time.

If you are brought to Dahab, then Tropitel Dahab Oasis 4 * is a good option, but in general the resort is very much for everyone. I don't understand how people call this place fabulous.

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