Not “luxury” Maldives: a tourist review about a vacation on a local island

Not &laquo ;luxury» Maldives: a tourist's review of a vacation on a local island

The reader of “Subtleties” Svetlana has never been to the Maldives and has not rested on island hotels. “My husband and I don’t earn that much, and I don’t like to relax beyond my means, no loans. But the Maldives beckoned: the ocean, nature, beaches… I decided to look at the prices for holidays on the local islands where the locals live,” says the tourist. And this is what came of it:

8 days, 153 thousand for two

Yes, it's almost like Egypt or Turkey! Or even cheaper! Yes, there will be no infinity pools and all-inclusive meals, but there will be a new country, new impressions, this is the other side of our planet!

Heron Beach Guesthouse & The spa is located on Dhiffushi Island, Kaafu Atoll.

About the flight

Aeroflot direct flight. 8:40 on the way no longer seems to be something unbearable and difficult, now even to Turkey and Egypt it takes more than 5 hours to fly.

At the airport in Male we were met by a representative of the tour operator (“Sanmar”), for another hour and a half we were waiting for a transfer – a boat that would take us to the desired island. We sailed on the boat for 30 minutes, no more. At the pier, we were immediately met by the guest house administrator, it took 5 minutes to walk from the pier to the hotel. ru/sized/f550x700/eq/vf/eqvf7he361w0c4co4scgs8wkk.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Not «luxury» Maldives: a tourist's review of a vacation on a local island

About the hotel

The hotel is a small three-story building in the colonial style. The rooms are spacious, with a terrace, the room has everything you need: iron, kettle, soap accessories, bathrobes. The air conditioner worked, but it was buzzing, we turned it on only in our absence. We had breakfast included, but we often ordered lunch and dinner at the hotel too. You need to order in advance, they will prepare it especially for you at the right time. There is a choice of English breakfast, American, Arabic, but the most delicious, in my opinion, is Maldivian: tortilla, tuna, egg and coffee. 1/1

The hotel is located directly on the first line, within walking distance from the local and bikini beach for tourists, shops, cafes, water activities (boats, jet skis, parachutes, etc.). We had a stunning view of the ocean from our room. The ocean is clean, there is something to see underwater. The beach, of course, is not as perfect as in island hotels, but much better than in Thailand, for example, or even in Cuba.

We went on an excursion to Male, but there was not much to do there. It is better to take sea excursions. The main entertainment is the animal world, not only underwater.

I really enjoyed my vacation, I will definitely be back! 7ewrfro7ri800o8o0kw004g4g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Not «luxury» Maldives: a tourist review about a vacation on a local island

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