Not treatment, but a circus in the Kaliningrad region: every drop of mineral water counts

 Not treatment, but a circus in the Kaliningrad region: every drop of mineral water counts

“It was not possible to get a social ticket to the sanatorium this year, we decided to go at our own expense. We considered both Kislovodsk and Adler, but settled on the Kaliningrad region. According to the description and reviews, the Yantarny Bereg sanatorium in Svetlogorsk was ideal for us to heal bones, breathe in sea air, and live according to a clear daily routine. The minimum booking period for treatment is 10 days, the ticket cost 58 thousand. On the site of the sanatorium, three meals a day, 5 procedures a day, use of the indoor pool at any time were announced. But in reality, everything turned out to be completely different,” says Irina Utkina, a reader of Subtleties.1/1

What we liked and what we didn’t

We arrived early in the morning, we were settled in building No. 3, it is located away from other buildings. The request to be relocated, since it is not very comfortable to walk a kilometer back and forth in winter, was refused. And buildings No. 1 and 2 are interconnected by a warm transition. I had to go to the procedures, but each building has its own dining room, and thanks for that.

The number of procedures is determined by the doctor, we were prescribed only three per day. This is very little, given that the first day is just a doctor's appointment, the second is a day of rest, and Sunday is a day off and no procedures are performed, that is, out of 10 days only 7 treatment is obtained. The territory is small, but there is a landscape park and an arboretum nearby. My husband and I wanted to spend more time walking by the sea, but the descent to the beach is just a nightmare.

Not every elderly person can climb from the sea to the sanatorium, people are on crutches and do not dream of getting ashore. And there are many of them here: one of the profiles of the sanatorium is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.1/1


The rooms are very clean, bright, apparently recently renovated. Bed linen and all accessories are included. The room is really good, for tourists who just came on excursions and do not plan treatment, this resort is also suitable. Food for four. There is no buffet at all, even with fruits or vegetables, salads or at least drinks. The portions are very small, measured by grams, do not fill up. There are several types of therapeutic nutrition: how you eat, the doctor decides when he draws up a program of procedures.

The pool is not free to visit, only by appointment for certain classes. Even after a sauna or massage, you are not allowed to dip and swim. Very inconvenient, could it really be possible to allocate a small area for swimming without procedures and classes?

Procedures are bad. They are not only few, but they are still very limited in time. God forbid, you will be massaged for an extra minute!

With medicinal mineral water – in general, a circus, it is actually poured with a measuring cup, not a drop of extra. And this is not at all due to the treatment program, it's just that everything is registered, every penny. You can drink more water, but for an additional fee. The only procedure that I really liked was mud therapy. Nobody pushes you, dirt doesn't spare you :)1/1

close to all infrastructure, stops, shops, attractions. There is also a tour desk in the sanatorium itself, the cost of excursions is approximately the same throughout the city. I like the climate of the Kaliningrad region: in January it is from 0 to +5 °С, mostly cloudy, but there were also sunny and slightly frosty days.

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