Now not everyone can afford a vacation in Goa: tourist review

Now not everyone can afford a vacation in Goa: a tourist review

The reader of “Subtleties” Ekaterina Savicheva really wanted to go on vacation in Goa, she had been here quite often before and she liked everything. “But now we are already adults who need comfort, so we looked at hotels, and not thatched houses on the shore. At first, I even wanted to organize a tour myself (I was in Goa and I know everything!), I began to look at the rental of private villas, houses and apartments. But the situation is now difficult, it is simply impossible to find a good option, ”says the tourist.

In December-January, there was a huge influx of our compatriots and citizens of other CIS countries

It is easy to get an annual visa, so many remote workers decided to take a long vacation. The Indians are a little shocked by this situation, especially after several years of calm, but the shock, apparently, is pleasant, and they break prices as soon as they can.

Local chats say that not only the Russians are “to blame” for the price increase: there are also many local tourists, this has never happened before.1/1

More and more Indians can afford a holiday in Goa, the income of the population in the country has grown this year (in contrast to the income of Russians). In general, I gave up games like “travel agent to myself”, the times are not the same, and I decided to contact the agency. We chose the Bogmallo Beach Resort hotel for breakfast, the tour cost 187 thousand for two. Direct flight by Aeroflot. I think 70% of the cost of the tour is the flight.

The hotel is located on the beach of Bogmalo

It used to be a quiet and clean place. Now, especially on weekends, there is an influx of locals, mostly men. Groups of Indians who came to rest in a purely male company, take pictures under every bush and storm all kinds of water activities with a wild squeal. They also love the pool very much, it seems to me that from the very early morning they are already splashing and frolicking there like teenagers. And the uncles are adults, 45+ :)

The hotel, of course, is not a palace

But by Indian standards, this is a luxury resort. Very well-groomed territory, huge rooms with balconies, almost all rooms with ocean views. Cleaning is not ideal, Indian, but not dirty. We settled in a clean room, but while we lived, the cleaners were not very tense. Hot water without interruption, this is also not a frequent occurrence for Goa, even for hotels.1/1

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