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Housing in Turkey is about picturesque sunrises over the sea or mountains, well-developed infrastructure and a long beach season. 

The nuances of buying property in Turkey | Nestin Property

All this is available not only to citizens of the country, but also to foreign investors. The state has created excellent conditions, making Turkey one of the most attractive European countries for investment. 

Every year, millions of tourists visit the republic, therefore, having bought housing, in the future it can also be profitably rented out. However, before investing in an object you like, it is worth learning about some pitfalls, because they can negate any benefit from investments. We will now share these nuances of buying real estate.

Lower price 

If the cost of an apartment is significantly lower than the market price, this may be a signal of problems with real estate. The housing may be seized or the second owner did not agree to the sale of the property, the building may be in disrepair or with worn-out communication systems. There are many probable causes and it is not always easy to understand them.

The lower the cost, the more carefully you need to approach the study of housing. If possible, you should personally come to the object in order to compare the information known about it with the real situation.

Builder's reliability

The nuances of buying property in Turkey | Nestin Property

When buying an apartment in a house that has not yet been built, it is important to find out as much as possible about the company that is building it, namely, to check the documents for the property. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling for an unscrupulous developer. This can turn into a protracted construction, less often – poor quality of construction work. There is also a possibility that the developer will declare himself bankrupt, and the house will never be completed. 

The state closely monitors the fact that apartments (apartments) in Turkey are put into operation within the specified time and in compliance with all building standards. Any non-fulfillment of obligations threatens the developer with fines and even deprivation of a license. Such cases are quite rare, but still happen. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study the construction company as best as possible. Or contact a licensed real estate agency that will offer options from trusted developers.

Properly designed TAPU 

The nuances of buying property in Turkey | Nestin Property

With 100% payment of the cost of the apartment, the owner is required to issue a TAPU – the main document confirming the right of ownership. However, without knowing the language and all the laws, you can easily fall for an unscrupulous developer. In this case, it is likely that a notarized power of attorney will be issued instead of TAPU. An accredited translator must be present at the transaction, but the developer can offer his own person in his place, who will hide the important nuances of the property. 

To avoid such situations, you should contact Nestin Property. Our agency accompanies clients at all stages of buying an apartment, including when signing a contract. 

Mandatory presence of additional expenses 

The nuances of buying property in Turkey | Nestin Property

The price of an apartment is not the only amount that you have to spend when buying. The sale of villas in Turkey and other real estate includes mandatory additional costs, which is important to consider if you have a limited budget. The main ones are: 

  • Tax on the purchase of a home;
  • Annual property tax;
  • Home maintenance fee (Aidat);
  • Connection of communications.

Also, mandatory expenses are the services of a state translator, insurance and Iskan. The latter is relevant only if the primary property is purchased. 

Living space is not limited to an apartment 

In the CIS countries, living space refers directly to the dimensions of the apartment itself. However, in Turkey, part of the landing, walls, balcony or terrace, utility rooms are also taken into account. Therefore, it is important to carefully study the characteristics of the object. This way you can avoid disappointment if the apartment turns out to be smaller than you originally thought. 

How to avoid all the difficulties

Purchases of buying property in Turkey | Nestin Property

These are just some of the possible nuances that may arise when buying a home in Turkey. To save your time and not lose money, the best solution would be to contact the Nestin Property real estate agency. We work directly with trusted developers and property owners, thanks to which our catalog consists only of current offers. 

In addition to selecting apartments suitable for the needs of clients, we also organize study tours and even help with settling in. And a flawless internal control system allows us to provide the highest quality service.

The nuances of buying property in Turkey | Nestin Property


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