Official data on flight safety in 2021 became known

The official data on flight safety in 2021 became known

The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO has published its the next Aviation Safety Report 2022, which provides a detailed analysis of the global civil aviation safety performance in 2021. 

The results of the report show a decrease in the global accident rate over the past year by almost 10 percent compared to 2020. In numbers, the decline looks like this: from 2.14 to 1.93 per million departures.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths in air accidents in 2021 decreased by 66 percent compared to 2020, although the absolute number of accidents from fatalities remained unchanged and amounted to four.

“These results — very positive and encouraging. They confirm that air transport is the safest even in the current political turbulence,” — ICAO Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar commented on the results of the year.

Scheduled commercial flight departures are up nearly 11 percent in 2021, but even with these millions of additional flights, amid a lack of resources to resume and recover and many other operational challenges airlines and airport operators are facing today, “the collective commitment of air transport the safety and health of passengers and crew remains the number one priority.”

The 2022 Aviation Safety Report also highlights that, in response to existing and emerging trends, ICAO is now working in closer partnership with all international aviation community to achieve future improvements in the field of flight safety. 

The main focus is on improving safety performance and reducing operational risks through improved standardization, the introduction of modern technological solutions and monitoring. 

< p>Issuance of the ICAO Report for 2022 contains the updated 2020-2022 ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) indicators related to “Goal #1”, which aims to achieve continuous global risk mitigation and the elimination of any negative factors hindering safety.

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