On a moped from birth: why in Taiwan everyone rides scooters

On a moped from birth: why everyone rides scooters in Taiwan

An unusual pattern can be seen at traffic lights in Taiwan . Cars on the roads stand at the stop line. And in front of them is another “pocket” – markings for mopeds and scooters in front of the car. And there are far more of them than cars.

This is a special feature of the island.

Scooters are everywhere and for everyone. The authorities have put the police on them, there are plenty of parking spaces for them in the cities, and the privileges on the road for drivers of these vehicles are even enshrined in local traffic rules.

So officially, the already strong love of locals for scooters and mopeds was strengthened here.

 On a moped from birth: why everyone in Taiwan rides scooters

This transport in Taiwan is used from birth to old age. Parents often take infants with them on the road. Then they grow up and start dreaming about their own scooter. From the age of 16, they have the opportunity to drive, and that's all, until old age, the Taiwanese no longer get off the iron horse. scooter, even if such an opportunity exists. Locals believe that a moped is much more convenient and gives complete freedom of movement. You can slip it where a car can't pass, you can park it right next to a cafe when you stop by to eat, and, in general, everything is much easier with it.

Therefore, between cars and scooters, the choice for locals is obvious. Although wealthy families also have cars, the Taiwanese will not refuse scooters either, in which case they will alternate transport.

On a moped from birth: why everyone rides scooters in Taiwan

Of course, there are also cyclists on the island. But here it is not an alternative to your favorite moped. A bicycle is entertainment, you need it to ride in the park or with friends in the evening, and a scooter is a transport. In Taiwan, cycling is the only mode of transportation of choice for beggars, and locals often ridicule the poor Chinese who are often “pedaling.” "Forgive" A bicycle can only be for children, but for a teenager it will be a shame if peers have already switched to mopeds, and you still ride a bike.

Because of the love for scooters, there are many different types of scooters in Taiwan. More often than others – Yamaha, KYMCO, but there are also small local brands that no one here knows about. And, of course, scooters are sometimes upgraded.

On a moped from birth: why everyone rides scooters in Taiwan

Girls, for example, attach colorful rugs or pillows, comfort lovers install a mini-back on a scooter, like a chair, to lean on it on the way, sometimes they hang trinkets on the handles and stick stickers.

On a moped from birth: why everyone rides scooters in Taiwan

But no one really bothers with it.

Taiwanese genuinely love scooters and mopeds, and choose them not only for the sake of "buns" like “early start” at traffic lights. For them, this is part of life. And the locals are offended if they start scolding scooters. Because for many it is not just transport, but almost a personal iron horse and friend.

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