On the beach as in a harsh hike – dampness and cockroaches: a review of Turkey

The beach is like a harsh hike — dampness and cockroaches: a review of Turkey

The reader of “Subtleties” Evgenia had a vacation at the end of October, so she looked at a hotel with swimming pools, a water park and a large territory – in case of bad weather. “We did not want hype and parties, we were looking for peace and solitude. I really liked the Utopia World hotel in Alanya. The main trump card is the views, it is located on the mountain, there are greenery and gardens all around, it has its own water park. But the rest did not justify our hopes, there were enough minuses, ”says the tourist.

A week-long tour cost 103 thousand for two

We flew with the tour operator Anex Tour. The flight is tedious now, in flight without food, and then a very long transfer awaits you. Drive almost 150 km, with endless stops and arrivals at hotels. We drove almost 4.5 hours!1/1

If you go by taxi or private transfer, it takes 2 hours.

We took a villa, but then moved to the main building. I do not advise you to take a villa: you are already on numerous stairs, bridges and elevators. And everything would be fine if the elevators worked properly. The disadvantages of the villas are that they are located at the bottom of the hill, and it is very damp there.

There is mold in the bathroom, insects live under the shower: wood lice, centipedes and cockroaches.

Clothes here practically do not dry, but rot. The furniture upholstery smells of dampness.

Numbers are better

The rooms are in good condition, it is clear that the repair is quite fresh, but the plumbing is old. Cleaning on demand, the villas have special buttons to call the maids, you need to hang out a card in the rooms. If you do not ask, then there will be no cleaning, we learned this only three days later.

There are many pools in the hotel, almost all with good views. There are few tourists, so there are always free places. A little “tired” mattresses, towels shabby, but clean, change mattresses often.1/1

About food

Quality drinks , the concept of nutrition includes all types of fresh juices. Alcoholic cocktails are also of high quality, the most popular among vacationers is Aperol. There is his endless supply: there has never been a drink running out.

We read excellent reviews about the food at the hotel, but did not see confirmation of them. Maybe at the end of the season the choice of dishes became less? Breakfast is not very good: Turkish starters, pickles and pastries. Take fried eggs from eggs: an omelet is made from egg powder, completely tasteless. Vegetables, side dishes, chicken every day. Seafood was once, grilled meat was also only on one of the dinners in a week.

The site says that there are three a la carte restaurants on the territory of the hotel, but only one worked. Dinner costs 17 EUR per person, I advise you to take it. Tasty, several dishes, good wine.

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    The beach is like a harsh hike — dampness and cockroaches: a review of Turkey

I would like to separately note the staff

Very polite, most speaks Russian and English, even the cleaners. No rudeness, extortion of tips or ignore. Even guides and photographers do not follow you around. There are shops on the territory, there are also very polite sellers, they advise on the case. They advised a leather store, made a discount, the quality is excellent, I bought myself a jacket.

If you are ready to put up with the disadvantages that I have listed, then in principle a good option, especially since they do not overcharge and do not pretend to be a luxury. But tourists with children and physically weak people should not go to this hotel, of course.

We are disappointed with the rest, as we read positive reviews and expected more from the hotel.

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