On the island of Sardinia in Italy, they offer houses for rent for 1 euro per month

Houses for rent on the island of Sardinia in Italy for 1 euro per month

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The local council of the village of Ollolai, a commune in the center of Barbagia, in the province of Nuoro on the island of Sardinia, has issued a public appeal to all those interested in remote work. It says: “We invite everyone interested in remote work to beautiful Sardinia for only 1 euro.” It is noted that everyone who takes the chance is guaranteed “close proximity to unspoilt nature, delicious cuisine and incredible nearby beaches.”

According to official figures, in recent years the population of the village has been steadily aging and declining. For this reason, the authorities want to attract more foreigners of working age.

The population of the village has almost halved over the past 40 years – from 2 013 to 1,174 people. Residents are migrating to larger cities and now the village authorities want to repopulate it by offering low living prices.

This is not the first time the village of Ollolai has tried to attract more foreigners.

The province made headlines in international newspapers immediately after the announcement of the sale of abandoned houses for 1 euro, on the condition that the owners renovate them.

Since then, the village council has sold a total of 13 houses. Three houses, which are in very poor condition, are still for sale, which means that those who wish can still purchase the property and renovate it at their own expense.

This sale story generated a lot of interest and attracted attention, and now officials are hoping to take advantage of the idea of ​​inviting digital nomads who can work from anywhere in the world.

Back in March last year, the Italian government passed a Digital Nomad visa law for highly skilled workers from third countries wishing to work remotely from Italy. However, the visa has not yet been introduced.

Currently, non-EU citizens who wish to work from Italy can obtain a temporary work visa.

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