Only those who have not been here speak badly about the Maldives: a review of a budget resort

Only those who have never been here speak badly about the Maldives: a review of a budget resort

A reader visited the heavenly Maldives without selling a kidney. Do you know how she did it? She chose a budget resort – not a local island, but not a pretentious network “five”, where a week of rest costs under a million. Did she like it and what can be expected from the Maldivian economic option – in a detailed first-hand review.

We chose budget hotels, but within reason

I didn’t want to fly to a local island and spoil the impression of a paradise vacation. I am not a traveler from “Eagle and Tails”, who is ready to shy away from hostels and look for food. I want comfort, cleanliness! After all, I work for a year in order to have a good rest: I have a vacation only once a year, I always take 4 weeks. The week before the flight is preparation, then the vacation itself is 10-14 days, and I come to my senses for another week. I like this format, who have not tried it – I advise. Gaining strength for the whole year.

I chose Sun Island Resort & Spa 5+ on Ari Atoll

I read reviews wherever possible, checked ratings, scrolled through social networks. I prepared thoroughly, so the vacation went well. There were some minor remarks, but this is no longer critical.

They gave 281 thousand for the rest for two at breakfasts and dinners for 10 nights.1/1

The main disadvantage of the Maldives is the road

We flew with a connection in Dubai, I chose flights with a minimum connection time of 3-4 hours, so as not to get bored, but also not to run around the airport like crazy. Upon arrival in Male, we were not tormented for a long time, but immediately sent to the plane, it takes only 20 minutes to fly to the island on a cornfield, on the way you will be treated to juice. Surprisingly: for all my fear of flying, this one turned out to be not scary at all. The bright colors of the local landscapes were amazing, I wanted to fly over this beauty for a longer time.

We were settled very quickly, in a villa on the beach, as there is a huge surcharge for water villas. The decor is a little shabby, but linen, towels, bathrobes are impeccable. Mini-bar in the room is paid, keep this in mind. One liter bottle of water is provided per person free of charge.1/1

Big Island

In advance look at the map at the reception where you will be accommodated, and discuss this issue when you check in. There are villas very remote from the beaches, there are those that are located next to a local farm where rabbits, ducks, chickens, peacocks live. Not everyone wants to wake up to the cackling of chickens and the cries of roosters, I certainly didn’t imagine the Maldives that way. What about peacocks? Have you heard those birds of paradise yelling?

The pools are comfortable and beautiful

There is one pool near the main beach. They also provide towels. If you want to swim on other beaches, then take a towel from your room. There are a lot of beaches, some are completely private, you can personally choose your own small corner of the island. All beaches are regularly cleared of branches and corals, it is safe to swim everywhere.

Breakfast from 7 to 10, dinner from 19 to 21

If you are a big eater, you can go for breakfast and dinner several times during this time. Lunches were not included, but we had enough. We drink little alcohol, for the whole vacation I took cocktails at the bar for an additional fee several times. Tasty and beautiful, they cost 10–15 USD. /m8/21m8zuokawpw08k8sswwgwocw.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Only those who have not been here speak badly about the Maldives: a review of a budget resort

The biggest expense item is water

Here without it on “all inclusive” is very difficult. We were constantly buying water. For breakfast and dinner, water is always available, fill it with you in bottles. It is very tasty here, the island has its own well (as the waiter told us). But I can't imagine how there can be a water well on an island in the middle of the ocean? Forgive my stupidity, but I thought they would desalinate the water somehow.

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    We did not go on excursions, there are enough entertainments on the island

    The main entertainment is snorkeling, feeding the fish in the evening, around 18:00. There is yoga, aerobics (in Russian), a lot of different sports equipment. There is also a sauna and spa, but the prices bite. Sharks swim up often, but you should not be afraid of them: they are not cannibals. But the lionfish is dangerous, it does not bite, but it is quite possible to step on it. With us, no one had any incidents with marine life.

    We got up early, spent the day busy, after dinner we immediately went to bed. I managed to adjust to local time immediately, no torment or insomnia. I advise everyone to visit the Maldives at least once – only those who have not been here speak badly about them.

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