“Our hole is a hole”: an enthusiastic review of Montenegro

“We didn’t intend to go to the sea at all this year, but the situation obliges. In this case, of course, the location – we have been living in Serbia for two years, and here the Adriatic Sea is 50 minutes by plane or 9 hours by car. The second decisive factor is children. They killed our idea of ​​spending a vacation in the mountains, and in June 2023 we went from the Serbian capital to Montenegro to the sea for a week,” says Natalia, a reader of The Subtleties of Tourism.

We have already been to Montenegro 4 times

And in general, we liked to relax there, although for our modest taste it loses to Croatia and Greece. However, we ran out of visas, and we did not want to pay a hefty amount for new stickers in the passport – so we gathered in Montenegro.

Why is Montenegro losing? We were in Budva, Petrovac (twice), Ulcinj, drove along the entire coast. It seemed to us that there were too many people, too small beaches, too much of everything infrastructural, superfluous and “pressing”: relatively speaking, we don’t need hot corn on the beach.

There are no complaints about the natural beauties. The Adriatic Sea is the best for us.


Weekly car rental – 210 EUR, gasoline and toll roads from Belgrade (about 550 km one way) cost another 100 EUR, two-room apartment – 350 EUR, spent about 50 EUR per day on food. We cooked for the most part ourselves, as we lived in a wonderful fishing village, where there was only one restaurant and we were too lazy to go there every day, the apartment had a wonderful balcony and patio on the ground floor, it is more convenient and profitable to drink evening wine there : ) In total, a vacation for a week for four people cost about 1000 EUR. By today's standards, it's great.

And, as expected, the vacation you don't really want and don't really aspire to turns out to be one of the best.

Our hole is a hole

We accidentally booked an apartment in the quiet fishing village of Bigovo, near the Bay of Kotor. We were looking for the smallest possible resort, away from the beaten tourist paths.

As a result, we ended up in some kind of Italy of the early 20th century – old stone houses with wooden shutters and flowers-flowers-flowers. Our apartment, for example, was in a building that is 200 years old. Local children walk alone without adult supervision, catch sea urchins, play football, in a word, live their best childhood life without gadgets and TV, and our children quickly joined them. There are almost no cars, at noon the village will be attacked by a sleepy stupor, the heat does not allow anyone to do anything – and it's so good, quiet and calm. 1/1

The sea is impeccable

Ideal temperature. Although someone will probably say that it is cool – about +23 ° C. Pure, deep, incredible color … in a word, love. The beach is tiny, but you can dive from concrete platforms that stretch along the cliff with huge aloes, probably for a good kilometer. It is easy to find a piece of the platform where there will not be a soul for the next 50 meters.

Sloping pebble beach with a pier in the center of the village was chosen by children, but in the mornings and hours until 11 there was almost no one there either. In short, a paradise for those who are tired of people.


We scored on them, we just wanted maximum unity with salt water, but we had to get out once to Kotor, since there is no ATM in Bigovo, and cards are not accepted in our hole. Kotor is wonderful 100500 times, but the number of tourists makes you stupid in half an hour. And the prices are fierce – for example, pasta for 17 EUR is not very conducive to appetite :) But there is also a cool pebble beach, its feature is views of the Kotor fjord and moored cruise ships. Tourists from this liner are very funny, we met mostly English people who speak heartfelt Cockney.

Once again we went to a secluded sandy beach, which seemed to have been transported to Montenegro from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean – it had such non-seascapes. 1/1

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  • Summary

    Salted, tanned like hell, really had a good rest, Montenegro opened up from a new side. Now I don’t think that this country is somehow inferior to Greece or Croatia, you just need to know the places. I understand that such a vacation is not for everyone, few people like to cook during their holidays, but personally it doesn’t bother me, and my family doesn’t bother with salad and sandwiches for dinner (lucky!).

    An incredible number of premium hotels have now opened or are opening in the country – Hyatt, One&Only, etc., the Adriatic is magnificent, many locals speak Russian, so … good luck at Tsrnogor!

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