Over 1 million illegal migrants were in the EU in 2022

In 2022, more than 1 million illegal migrants were in the EU

According to the statistical service of the European Union Eurostat, there were 222,520 cases of illegal stay of people in Hungary, and another 198 310 in Germany. They are followed by Italy – 138,420 illegal immigrants. These three countries accounted for more than half of all signals of this kind last year.

Syrians are the most on the lists – 175,960 people, followed by Afghans – 119,520 and Moroccans – 60,215.

< p>A total of 422,400 non-Europeans were ordered to leave the EU in 2022, compared to 342 100 in 2021.

France expelled the most violators with 135,650 cases, followed by Croatia with 40,525 and Greece – 33,500.

96,795 people were sent to other countries in 2022, with Albanians the most – 9,950, followed by Georgians – 8,040 and Syrians – 5,590.

Ukrainians, Albanians and Russians were the top nationalities denied entry to the EU in 2022, with Poland (23,330), Hungary (15,780), Croatia (11,800) and Ireland (9 240).

“Notably, the main reasons for denying entry to Ukrainians were: 'the persons had already stayed three months within a six-month period' ― 27% of the total number of refusals to Ukrainians in the EU and “lack of a valid visa or residence permit” ― 21%.

The number of people denied entry into the EU rose by one percent in 2022 – from 139,000 to 141,060. TURIZM.RU

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