Passenger helped land Air Canada plane as co-pilot

Passenger helped land Air Canada plane by replacing co-pilot

Pilot not working that day was flying as a passenger on a flight with his own airline, but he had to demonstrate his skills when the co-pilot was unable to fly the liner.

According to the Canadian Transportation Safety Board, after the incident, on board to meet the aircraft were emergency services are called. At the same time, there is no information about the health status of the pilot.

“The co-pilot failed during the flight. A professional pilot who happened to be on this flight took over as a crew member, and the plane landed without further incident. Emergency medical services met the plane at the gate,” the statement said.

An Air Canada spokesman added that the passenger pilot had taken the first officer's seat, so “there were, as expected, two a pilot.

There was a similar incident in March when a pilot from a completely different airline helped operate a Southwest Airlines flight. The commander of the ship became ill shortly after takeoff.

Then the flight attendants had to pull the captain away from the control panel and take him out of the cockpit to provide medical assistance. At that moment, another pilot noticed what was happening and offered to help.

A representative from Southwest said that the credentials and qualifications of the pilot were checked before he was allowed to take a seat in the cockpit and help land the plane, which turned back to Las Vegas.

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