Passengers Boeing 787 Air India traveled more than a day from London to Delhi

Passenger Boeing 787 Air India traveled from London to Delhi for more than a day

An Air India flight from London's Heathrow Airport to Delhi was diverted to the Indian city of Jaipur due to bad weather. Everything would be fine, but upon arrival, the pilots went to “rest” according to the instructions, as they had run out of time allotted for work.

The weather in northern India over the past weekend led to the cancellation of five flights: three international and two domestic ones.

According to social media reports, after the landing of the London flight, passengers were effectively abandoned to their fate, leaving without any information about further plans and delivery to the final destination of Delhi.

Air India objects, they say, it was able to quickly send a replacement crew for the flight from Jaipur to Delhi. However, this could not be confirmed.

So flight AI112 took off from London Heathrow Airport on June 24 at 13:47, 32 minutes behind the scheduled departure time of 13:15. His arrival at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi was scheduled for 02:10 the following morning.

As the Boeing 787–8 approached New Delhi, it turned out that the weather did not allow for a safe landing. After circling for a while, the crew decided that it would be wiser to use the nearby airport in the city of Jaipur. As a result, the AI112 landed at Jaipur International Airport at 03:42 local time.

Only more than ten hours later, a new aircraft arrived. It left Jaipur at 2:24 pm and landed in Delhi at 3:03 pm.

It is not known how many passengers from London were transported as a result. There is information that many did not wait, preferring to leave by bus and taxi.

Other flights were also affected, including Air India from Dubai to Delhi and Spicejet flights. However, this did not cause much excitement.

Jaipur is located 300 km southwest of the country's capital. The newly upgraded airport has become a suitable transit point for flights that cannot land in New Delhi. The current expansion of the airport has created a parking area for 33 aircraft, and a new parallel taxiway has been added during construction. The airport is served by a number of airlines. However, its largest operator is IndiGo, which flies to more than 20 destinations.

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